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Hair, trending haircuts in fall and winter 2023/2024

Hair, trending haircuts in fall and winter 2023/2024

New women’s haircuts that will be fashionable for the fall and winter season: here are the ones for inspiration.

Although there are those who decide to go on holiday in the first weeks of September, we can say that for the majority of Italians, the holidays are already long over. Certainly, we can see this by the temperature difference that has dropped significantly in recent days, making those days of scorching heat just a bad memory.

New women’s haircuts for fall and winter this year –

One of the habits you follow when you return from vacation is to cut your hair. In particular, this discussion is primarily aimed at women who, compared to men, have more choices and inspiration. Going into more details, we can say that there are six very trendy cuts for the upcoming fall/winter 2023-2024 season.

Six cuts to inspire you for next fall/winter: make your choice and dare if you dare

The first cut we want to talk about isbreak Which is mostly achieved on fairly long hair. This type of cut comes in different lengths and generally looks very thin at the end. All girls who love long hair should definitely try to change it up a little.

But the second cut is Cut bob. For those who do not know her, we can point to the heroine of the film, Amelie Poulin, from the famous French film “Amelie’s wonderful world” Directed in 2001 by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Whether you have bangs or not, it doesn’t matter; This is a cut that screams character and above all courage. After all, we can admit it: it’s not for everyone!

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Perhaps the third haircut will satisfy a larger segment of the female population, presenting itself as a kind of middle ground between the two above-mentioned haircuts. We are talking about Long Bob Which is characterized by a medium length, and therefore not too short or not too long, and which is distinguished above all because it is tight in length.

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Similar to Long Bob Ho Curly bob whose name already anticipates everything that this cut represents. In practice, it is the curly version of the bob, slightly longer, reaching at least above the shoulders, and always with curly bangs. This haircut is very popular among people with curly hair because it is innovative, fresh and easy to fix at home.

The penultimate cut is Tight bob Which is distinguished from other types of bob because it is the bob that creates volume in the hair, and it looks very full. More than being curly or straight, this cut looks especially good on those with wavy hair, because this type of hair is able to give the cut more movement.

Finally, the last haircut isInner layers. In this case we are talking about a haircut suitable for long, medium and short hair that is characterized by inner layers of different lengths. This creates movement on the person’s head and above all volume.