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Kate Middleton never carries her purse in her dormitory, and the reason disgraces her subjects

Kate Middleton always amazes everyone and it turns out she never carries her bag in the hold of an airplane. incentive? It will leave you speechless.

Kate Middleton She entered people’s hearts because she is so authentic, elegant and so sweet for every occasion. An intelligent woman and a caring mother, she fights her battles and never backs down in the face of new challenges. And in these hours she is supporting her husband after he lost his girlfriend Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother, some media revealed something unexpected. Kate doesn’t usually leave her bag in her dormitory, why? The mystery was finally solved.

Kate Middleton travels in the economy with her children

Kate Middleton She is the wife of Prince William and has to submit to royal protocol. The sweet mother of three has always been the perfect candidate for the Queen because she is loved by her subjects and not only.

In fact, the woman managed to combine her role very well with the rules of the kingdom and as normal a life as possible. In many interviews She and William said Desire to give their children a “normal” life as much as possible.

Kate and William
Kate and William-

From accompanying them to school, to running in the park and taking the dogs for a walk. All this fits perfectly with the decision Kate wants to fly the economy with their children.

Willam, Kate and their kids
Willam, Kate and their children –

Passengers of the plane that landed in Scotland from London found Kate Middleton with her family George, Charlotte and Louis And two flanking agents: All-in-Economy. The Mirror reported this, confirming that he was a person without cockroaches in his head and during the flight he kept out of sight.

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A video clip on Tik Tok shot the news, captured and posted by a passenger who found himself with her a few meters away. The passenger then wanted to highlight how no one on the plane took videos and photos Respect privacy for the Duchess and her children.

at that time, Kate arrives at Balmoral He is not aware of what will happen next for the Queen. One last summer together they will always remember.

Why doesn’t Kate Middleton leave her luggage in custody?

As mentioned, Kate wants her children to live A very normal daily life – where possible – to ensure that they do not grow under a glass dome and have their own view of the world.

What surprised everyone is the fact that Kate Middleton Never leave your clothes bag inside the plane. The real reporter Emily Andrews She revealed the reason during her participation in the Gala program.

The Duchess is buying an extra seat on the plane to be able to put her bag in and not put it on hold. the reasons? He doesn’t want his clothes to be damaged, given the handling of baggage in the cargo hold.

hand bag . handbags

It’s a little secret of styleBecause it wants to be flawless in front of people’s eyes even after hours of flying. Like it or not, Kate is also an influencer and often launches new fashions by selling various e-commerce.