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“Artificial Intelligence helps explore the world”

“Artificial Intelligence helps explore the world”

Lots of smiles, hugs, photographs on the steps of San Petronio and traditional touches. This is how the 827 students who completed their studies at Bologna Business School celebrated their “graduation”. In Piazza Maggiore, young people from 56 countries received their diplomas from the distinguished Dean of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Mollari, in a ceremony that witnessed the participation and speeches of the College’s President, Romano Prodi, and Dean Max Bergami. “The future will be better if we know how to use technologies in the best way, first and foremost artificial intelligence, and always remember to put the human at the center.” Giving his “commencement address” to the master’s graduates was Reed Hoffman, LinkedIn founder and venture capitalist, who over the past 20 years has been at the helm of some major American tech giants, including OpenAI. “Congratulations on your academic achievements, but I am already inviting you to the next course of study: you,” Hoffman said, addressing what he called “the AI ​​generation.” He added that AI “will reshape all of our lives – and become the key technology we use to make decisions and ‘navigate’ life: a steam engine for the mind, a cognitive GPS, and a tool for orientation, discovery and navigation.”

Quoting Umberto Eco, Hoffmann noted that “AI, like many other technologies, gives us more skills and time, both priceless gifts. Thanks to it, humanity can do more of what it does best: explore. Create better tools and make global progress with Beauty: These are two goals that we set ourselves today when looking at techniques and which already hundreds of years ago, here in Italy, found an answer in the Renaissance – he added -: the dome is proof of this through Brunelleschi and Michelangelo’s David. But today, while “the masters have restored Renaissance Shaping the physical world, we have the same opportunity with the opportunity of ideas: we are already seeing how artificial intelligence can enhance the way we share ideas or express ourselves. “The tools are in your hands,” he concluded.

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