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If you drive irresponsibly and get fined, you also lose your job in these cases

Nobody likes careless drivers or drivers who constantly break the Highway Code, not even their employers. Especially if this is the car you are driving: be careful, many fines lead to immediate dismissal.

You’ve signed the contract, your new office is ready, fellows They smile at you Willing to spend hours and hours with you: everything seems perfect. But your new job hides a dilemma: Are you an expert driver? Better yet, or you’ll be halfway there before you know it. That’s when Petty fines It could lead to ignominious dismissal from your job.

Never come back (

And he earned confidence

Nowadays it is not impossible to find a job with many advantages, especially if you have it Great skills… good acquaintances – let’s face it once – or simply if you are very lucky. Among the most sought-after electives for those working for a reputable company is the iconic company car which, if you’re particularly lucky or if you’re doing a high-profile job, could be a Mercedes-Benz or perhaps a beautiful Lancia.

But legally and for Traffic systems What is a company car? Your boss’s car? Let’s explain. In Italy, a company car is any vehicle another company It is prepared and registered in its name before it is handed over to third parties – in this case to you – often to fulfill specific duties relating to the profession. For example, many law firms in the United States provide an executive car for their employees to better present themselves to clients.

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“I knew that, you can’t turn right…” (

They pay us back

to drive A car is not yours As we know now It’s not really a big deal. Not so much because owning your own car is considered a “status” in our country but because legal directors, in other words, those who are “looking for money” if something goes wrong remain your executives or the company in which the car is registered. Ergo, your behavior behind the wheel must be impeccable.

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In Italy the road law allows In the event of a fine To point out within sixty days to the driver who suffers the fine and must pay it at his own expense… But obviously an RCA that compensates for any damage to people and things by a car that is not yours is exactly what is paid by the rightful owner of the car which in this case is the company. This is why most employers will require you to sign a contract before handing over your company car keys. Read it well.

mercilessly fired

In the case of a company car, it must be said that Italian law is very strict: basically to the contractual terms Set out with your boss In fact, he can oblige you – in a completely legal way – to pay the damages out of pocket. But in the event that you get fines, you should really worry because in addition to getting a good reprimand in the CEOs office, you also run the risk of being fired.

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The boss wants to loan you his car, so what do you accept? (

Particularly dangerous behavior, disrespectful to your health and the health of others or reckless behind the wheel of a company vehicle, can cost you your job: especially if your four-wheel mishandling is evidenced by a fine. The signature of the policeman in service. Usually the lightest fines are tolerated even if each company has its own rules but for others, there is no mercy from the boss. This is understandable.

Nobody wants an employee Drunk driving a BMW 70,000 euros leased from a foreign company. Does the law allow the expulsion of a person in such cases? Yes, of course. Dismissal on the grounds of heavy fines is a common practice in Italy and is codified by Article 2119 of the Civil Code which determines how and when an employer can terminate contact due to the employee’s non-compliance. Be careful what you do…

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