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Beware of Enel (fake): scams all over Italy

Electricity bill doubled. No need to get around! The same goes for your gas bill. Italian families do not know how to make ends meet and in many cases it is really difficult to be able to pay the bills. And so new tricks were born …

We must try Saving Money. In recent weeks more than ever, we’ve been repeating this like a kind of mantra. But how do we do that? And also pay attention to False phone calls Enel

Some tips for saving money

Back to ours Electricity and gas bills, being able to save on the final bill is not impossible, although it is difficult. Let’s say there are some tricks that can help us in this direction. For example, we can start turning off the lights when we don’t need them, as well household appliance left in Suspension. The washing machine also works well dish washer Fully loaded maybe only at night, when rates go down. But even if we do all these bills, they often don’t go down enough and the costs we have to pay are always too high for our pockets. Therefore, more and more favorable offers are being sought try to save. And this is where cheaters find a very fertile ground …

Watch out for the new scam…

In short, we understood perfectly well that the Italians want it Save on bills. Precisely for this reason, criminals and fraudsters have seen fit to earn and speculate on it. Ergo, pay close attention to this scam dre False phone calls from Enel cIn 2022, he begins to follow more and more. Recently, the news even broke the news. Do you think it seems that more than 3 million Italians have fallen victim to this electricity and gas fraud that, despite everything, continues with its rise.

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How does cheating work?

Generally, they are fake call centers or people who ring at the door. They pretend to be Enel’s clients looking for POD code from the counter. In fact, they are from other operators, and once we get them, we’ll end up with contracts from other companies, obviously the most expensive of all! They also do it with phone calls where they say so In the There she has bill increase Or that there are new increases imposed by the state. But all that It’s completely wrong!

What to do if cheated

Then they promise discounts Abundance On the Power supply, without fixed costs, and often without knowing the very companies they theoretically want to promote. And they do it all without sending anything Emails written with the offer. Thus, if one should fall for her, he would almost certainly find himself paying more than with Enel or whatever. What do you do if you are a victim of a scam of this kind? Contact directly“whereThere, before accepting any offer, to understand whether or not anyone pretending to be his agent is really one!