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If you do this every day you may suffer from a serious illness: like the vibration of your cell phone that could cost you your life

If you do this every day you may suffer from a serious illness: like the vibration of your cell phone that could cost you your life

Do you feel your phone vibrating and then realize that you haven't actually received any notification? It's a real syndrome!

In the era we live in, technology is becoming increasingly popular. We all own at least one smartphone. The widespread use of this device has brought with it a strange phenomenon. Has this happened to you before? Feel the sensation of your mobile phone vibrating, only to discover that no notification has been received? Well, this phenomenon is a real syndrome.

Have you ever felt your cell phone vibrating even if you don't have any notifications? –

According to scientists, with our constant Relying on digital communication and communicationOur brains have become overactive in interpreting signals that indicate a potential interaction with the digital world. This excess stimulation can cause brain damage Misinterpreting common physical sensations, Such as muscle contraction or movement of clothing, such as phone vibration signals. In particular, for the electronic devices we are talking about Phantom vibration syndrome.

Phantom vibration syndrome

Robert Rosenberger, a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology, emphasized that this syndrome is not a new phenomenon, however She adapted to the prevailing technologies of her time. In the 1990s, for example, when pagers became widespread, some people felt as if they heard them ringing even when there were no real signals. This indicates phantom vibration syndrome It is a reflection of our relationship with technology From an isolated phenomenon associated with smartphones.

This syndrome is linked to our dependence on electronic devices –

For many, the experience of phantom vibration is not necessarily unpleasant. On the contrary, it has become an integral part of our relationship with… Digital devices. However, for some, it can Cause anxiety Or worry, especially if you're overly connected and dependent on your phone.

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It could be a possible explanation behind this syndrome Our need for control and security. Since smartphones act as a bridge between us and the outside world, the perception of vibration can represent a kind of check that everything is working properly in our digital ecosystem. When this sensation occurs without real notice, we may feel temporarily deprived of our control, generating anxiety or frustration.

It is important to emphasize this Phantom vibration syndrome is not a serious medical condition. However, it can be a symptom of one Overreliance on technology Or the need to be constantly connected. To mitigate this phenomenon, we can adopt digital detox practices or limit the use of smartphones for long periods.

In conclusion, although this syndrome may be confusing or annoying for some, it is not necessarily a serious problem. However, it could be a A warning sign for a better balance in our use of digital devices And reconnecting with the real world around us.