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Kadokawa suggested release date, new video leak is spreading on the network -

Kadokawa suggested release date, new video leak is spreading on the network –

New six-second snippet from Eden Ring, The most highly anticipated game from From Software and Miyazaki. The leak, which you can see below, is A. A short clip from a video clip With it we can discover two game settings. Additionally, from the parent company of the software – Kadokawa Corporation – I submitted a proposal on the Possible release date for the game.

First of all, let’s point out that these six seconds of Elden Ring leaks clearly come from Video designed to be viewed internally onlyMaybe he’s the same one who was at the center of the leak last March. For this reason, it very likely is Part of the game is incomplete and does not represent the final quality of the game. We also add that the quality of this gif is not high, therefore It is impossible to pass any kind of judgment About what we can see. Obviously, provided that what’s on is really part of the Elden Ring, which is something we can’t quite be sure of.

But the most interesting is the information obtained through the latest financial report from the Kadokawa Corporation. From parent software company it says it expects it Publish new games during the current fiscal year, that is, by March 31, 2022. Obviously, Elden Ring is not said to be included in this prediction, but that is possible because there is a section of the report dedicated to it.

In the Kadokawa report, Elden Ring is presented, stating that it is “an RPG that follows the path of the Dark Souls series, which has sold more than 27 million copies worldwide”. He explains that the game “was created in collaboration with fictional author George R.R. Martin, who wrote masterpieces such as“ The Song of Ice and Fire, ”on which“ Game of Thrones ”is based. In addition, it has been determined that Ring will propose a“ dark fanciful setting ”and that’s it. “One of the greatest software games of pure size”.

So it looks like Elden Ring is a really huge game. Perhaps this is the reason why development was slower than expected. Kadokawa says some of the company’s games have been delayed due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19. Again, the company hasn’t specifically mentioned Elden Ring, but it is trusted to include it. VGC states that Sources close to From Software have confirmed that Elden Ring has suffered from multiple internal referrals for this reason.

Ring Elden: Leak and rumor When will there be an official announcement?

With a possible release by April 2022, it is plausible that the Elden Ring is close to release time New Ad (Correct). The video game’s last official appearance dates back to E3 2019. To support this premise, there are statements Jeff Group and Jason Schreyer, who believed not much should be wasted. Could E3 2021 be the moment From Software chooses to fully reveal the game?

In a recent leak, there was also talk of classes, public auditions, and other details on the Elden Ring.

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