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“I was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago.  Fortunately he has not been aggressive yet” –

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer four years ago. Fortunately he has not been aggressive yet” –

From our correspondent
Paris – as in the famous video “Subterranean Homesick Blues” (Directed by Da Pennebaker in 1965) by the beloved Bob Dylan, Carla Bruni Sarkozy He looks at the camera and his hands drag out some signs: the text is in French, then translated into English and Italian. At the end of the clip posted on Instagram, he says: “Four years ago.” I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Surgery, radiotherapy, hormonal therapy, follow the usual course of treatment for this type of tumor. But I was lucky: my cancer was not yet aggressive. Why was this cancer not aggressive? Simply because it hasn’t had time to become one… In fact, I do it every year, on the same date Mammography. If I had not had this mammogram every year, today I would no longer have my left breast… If I published this post it is not to tell you about my life or the details of my health and I hesitated for a long time before speaking. If I write these lines to you, it means I am sending you one message. But a key message to all women who will read me: Get a mammogram. Do it every year.”

The singer and model decided to reveal her illness, which she overcame thanks to regular examinations, on the occasion of… “October Rose”, the annual breast cancer awareness campaign in France. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy has committed to thisInstitut du Seine de Paris To talk about his experience in front of his more than 800 thousand followers on Instagram.

The video appears in front of a background of dozens of personal photos hanging on the wall, while the background sound is Stromai’s song entitled “Quand c’est” (When) with these words: But yeah, we know each other so well / You even wanted to be my mother eh / You started with her breasts / Then I acquitted my father / Do you remember? / Cancer, cancer, tell me, when? / Cancer, cancer, who’s next?

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