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Tommaso Elite is ready for men and women?

Tommaso Eletti was recently separated from Temptation Island 2021. After getting close to a single, he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Valentina Nulli Augusti. But there is a surprise: that Thomas is ready to land in Men and Women?

a program Maria de Filippi, men and women He’s about to come back. It is scheduled to broadcast in September. But blast news I already left some indiscretion. Filming is expected to begin in late August.

the guy Tommaso Elite, only twenty-one years old of Italian-American descent, recently left Temptation Island Filippo Bisiglia. The experience on Temptation Island was the first of its kind Tommaso Elite in the world of entertainment.

during episodes Temptation Island Tommaso Elite Closer to the bachelor Julia. Eventually he broke up with his ex-girlfriend Valentina Noli AugustiNineteen years older than him. Despite the difficult moment Tommaso Elite Immediately talk about how things are going:

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With Temptation Island, I realized that a man needs to live his life step by step, that he should not rush the times, but have the experiences appropriate for his age. There is a huge gap between me and Valentina, but we always manage to bridge it with our love. This time, who knows…

Will we still see Tommaso Yeti after Temptation Island? Perhaps the potential participation of men and women is close.


On Monday 13th September we will be able to enjoy episodes men and women, The popular TV show created and directed by him Maria de Filippi. We don’t know much about the casting of the new cast yet, but a rumor has already circulated about a former participant in Temptation Island 2021.

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In fact, it appears to be among the program’s potential new competitors Maria de Filippi There is also Tommaso Elite. However, the production has not made any official announcement yet. But he will do it Tommaso Elite To process and support the post immediately a men and women?

after the experience a temptation island Despite his young age, the boy seems to have gained a new consciousness. So we are waiting for the news, and maybe soon we will hear more about the young man Tommaso Elite.