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“I did not fall into your trap”: Ciocca breaks the silence


After days of attacks and speculation, Angelo Sioca He told his truth. “I have to thank because after the report it became clear that I am not a fascist. On the contrary…” Lega MEP said live on Facebook. Angelo Ciocca wanted to put his stake in the investigation by Fanpage, an investigation that brought him closer to the extremist groups in Milan led by the elusive “Black Baron” johnny lavarini.


In the 30 minutes of the live broadcast, Ciocca confirmed that he “denounced Jonghyi Lavarini in the event that he committed a crime using my name.” In a Fanpage investigative report on the so-called “Lobby Nera“Live broadcast” Piazzapulita, in fact, the two names were combined. But the site – confirms Ciocca – did not actually think about the lack of relations with Roberto Jonghi Lavarini. As proof of what has been said, Ciocca showed a WhatsApp message was sent at the end of 2020 by Jonghi Lavarini.

Jonghi’s “vaffa” in the message

But what is written in this letter that explains the distances between Ciocca and Jonghi Lavarini? “You gave us no definite answer, no practical role and no political space: just speak and smile – we read -. Then you disappeared without making you hear anything: we will remember it in time. For now we can only send you ass! Roberto Jonghi Lavarini with Nordestra and Sinergie”. So in the Facebook Live, Ciocca went even further. “At first I was angry with the location he was working on comfort With the fake entrepreneur – note MEPs showing footage from the meeting filmed in October 2019 -. Today I may sound crazy, but I thank Fanpage for allowing me to be able to prove that, despite the fake entrepreneur, I did not fall into the trap.” Moreover. Ciocca noted that he was “Lega Nord for 26 years” and reading his story is enough to understand it without shadows.

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Challenge to Formigli

Then rush on La7 and Formigli. I do not accept press Formigli and Piazza Polita – said Ciocca -. I spoke on the air but they decided to ignore the message sent by Lee Jonghye which was evident in watching the non-existent reports that the political presence brought no response to the extremists.”

Ciocca lodged a complaint to take cover “from those bad behavior Indeed they are hurting the press.” Ciocca wished “Now I hope many will raise the red card for Poletta Square.” “Maybe I will ask Formigli to confront in a real arena, far from the glossy television studios from which they broadcast,” he ended the half-hour live broadcast by overturning page and erase Jonghy Lavarini from his memory.


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