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Touring Europe by bike, but it was stolen in Florence

Touring Europe by bike, but it was stolen in Florence

Florence, September 23, 2023 – “I travel around Europe on my bike. I wanted to get to Istanbul, but when I got to Florence they stole it, I don’t know what to do. I offer 150 euros To everyone who has a good heart to return it to me.” His voice is broken, but it is the strength of someone who never loses hope. Martin, a 23-year-old Dutchman who bikes across the continent. Due to the mistake of an on-duty bike thief (in Florence, bikes are difficult to survive even if they are locked) he is left stranded in the city.

For that twenty-three year old bike It’s not just a means of transportationRather, it is a symbol of his freedom. The essence of travel. It was enough to stop him for one night To Isolotonear Misericordia, on September 14, to see it disappear into thin air: “This bike is everything to me. When you travel for a long time, you create an emotional attachment – ​​he says – I have traveled with it all over the world. The world. It is truly a piece of me “

Martin is no stranger to this kind of travel, that is “Road Trip”. Spain and Canada, but also France, Germany and Belgium are the notches that the boy has already got on his belt. But now, starting from Breda, a city in the west of the Netherlands, he wanted to reach Turkey. Passing through Italy and setting off in Bari by bike.

Florence was keen to spoil all his plans: “I left on the 22nd of July – says he – and entered Italy Passing through Bormio and then Milan Five landsThen Lucca and finally Florence. It’s beautiful.” Despite the welcome he received, Martijn truly loves the city, its culture, its food and its people. But you only have to put yourself in his shoes to understand the sense of loss he feels.

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A young foreigner, an athlete, who still has a frank innocence betrays him, and sees his dream shattered. Luckily The bag is secure. After the robbery, he sought help at a motel, where he now works while waiting for things to settle down. But he doesn’t want to stand by while part of his freedom disappears into thin air.

So he posted flyers in the city: “Help! Without this bike I have nothing left, it is my only means of transportation,” the sign read. With a picture and then the reward for whoever succeeds in finding the bike and resuming his journey towards Türkiye. while Martin Wait for someone to show up. One thing is for sure, even if the bitterness is there, he doesn’t want to stop. Anyone who saw his green mountain bike can contact him via email [email protected].