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'I couldn't take it anymore', the heartbreaking photo after chemotherapy - Libero Quotidiano

‘I couldn’t take it anymore’, the heartbreaking photo after chemotherapy – Libero Quotidiano

Francesco Friedla

Carolina Marconi And the Shave your hair to zero. “I couldn’t stand it anymore, it was liberating,” he says on social media. A few weeks ago, courses began Chemotherapy by tumor Who is fighting? “Here’s your peel. I couldn’t take it anymore, seeing it fall off, shaving it was liberating. However, I never gave up, bullet mood, Despite everything, a real injection of positivity from Marconi who underwent surgery in March breast cancer.

“However, in this heat, I am very refreshed and light, and we always see the positive side. Health is the main thing, this track teaches me a lot, I always say I’m not sick, we are not.” It is just a case that must be resolved. Thank you for all the great messages”, the ex-Jevina adds in her post which has received thousands of likes and comments. The world of television at this precise moment is close to her.

Before chemotherapy, she wrote on social media: “I have some anxiety but I’m lucky because there are so many people who are close to me and they don’t make me feel lonely.” With his followers, in these very difficult days, he is always in touch. Ig stories and straight to the point, Marconi—who took part in the Big Brother vip and then disappeared from the scene—doesn’t lose her smile and her power. Her post should definitely set an example for many other women in her condition. “However, I never give up, the ‘crackle’ mood, despite everything,” he identifies.

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