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Mirjana Trevisan always in cult?  / Barrow Spoiler Reason "For Predictions..."

Mirjana Trevisan always in cult? / Barrow Spoiler Reason “For Predictions…”

Mirjana Trevisan Do you spend a lot of time in confessional? To ask himself this question, in the past few hours, he has been Geocas Casella. The scammer who during the episode big brother vip On air on Thursday, March 3, he will find out whether or not he will be able to continue his adventure at home being a candidate for elimination with Mirjana, Sophie Codigoni, Davide Silvestri and Antonio Medogno, citing Mirjana’s absence and her long stay at home. And he asked the confession, addressing Barrow: “But Mirjana is always in the sect?”

Constantino’s nephew della Gherardesca, with his cynical attitude, before replying, tried to test Geocas’ abilities by asking him why Trevisan was often in the center of confession. “And why do you think they call him?” , asked Paro Jukas. Casella, not knowing how to answer, asked the Tuscans to reveal the reason. As for predictions…Barrow replied.

Mirjana Trevisan and her long confessions

Recognition marks the most important place in the Big Brother Vip 2021 House. All the contenders are called in turn to comment on the different dynamics of the house, but often, they enter the cult spontaneously to vent momentum after a difficult moment. Mirjana TrevisanAnd the Thus, he spends some time in the Red Room where he has the opportunity to indulge in long tantrums in the company of the authors who listen and try to help all the Vippos.

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Often not everything that is said in confession is displayed. Only the sharpest comments on other Vippos, to unleash many dynamics, end in clips that are then transmitted during the episode with Alfonso Signorini. During the version that is currently on the air, due to the director’s error, it was like that Barrow’s long confession was broadcast live, which also sparked controversy.

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