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I came instead of Belén, Luciana Letzetto breaks the ice in Tu Sì que vales

I came instead of Belén, Luciana Letzetto breaks the ice in Tu Sì que vales

Luciana Lizzito breaks the ice on Tu Sì que vales with a joke that refers to the absence of Belén Rodriguez, a former presenter who will not, starting this year, head the Saturday evening show on Canale5.

Luciana Letizito Breaks the ice a You deserve it With a joke aboutAbsence of Belen Rodriguez, the presenter who will not be for the first time this year at the helm of the Saturday evening show on Canale5. Entering the studio after a short video screening that celebrated her career and successes, Littizzetto greeted her entrance with applause from the audience. “In the face of all these TV monsters, I don’t know if I’m capable of itHe said to applause.Jerry who is my mother’s spiritual guide. If Geri Scotti appears on TV and I call her, my mother tells me to wait. Maria is a heartthrob, Sabrina is the hottest girl in Italy, and Rudy who doesn’t understand why he’s here. We have to divide what’s left. I came in Belen’s placeLaughter in the studio and from my colleague Maria De Filippi She received her friend’s joke with a smile, without adding any comment regarding Belén’s absence.

Julia Stabile is the new host of Tu Sì que vales

Joining Martin Castrogiovanni and Alessio Saccara this year Julia StabileDancer and former Amici Award winner. Specifically, during the Verissimo episode that was broadcast today, Saturday, September 23, Julia received her “official inauguration” from broadcaster Silvia Tuvanen. Partner Pier Silvio Berlusconi, CEO of Mediaset Group, described it as “the new host of Tu Sì que vales”.

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Belen Rodriguez: “I chose to leave”

On the occasion of the presentation of the Mediaset tables, it was Belén herself who announced via Instagram that the decision to leave Tu Sì que vales would be hers, “I leaveThe showgirl and presenter explained on Instagram, in response to followers who asked her why she left the program. Belin did not explain the reasons that would have prompted her to abandon the program.