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Master Chef |  The relationship with the judges is ridiculous: the extremely harsh rule that the contestants must respect

Master Chef | The relationship with the judges is ridiculous: the extremely harsh rule that the contestants must respect

Masterchef – Street Food News

No one knows but the rules of MasterChef are very difficult. They must be respected by the relationship between judges and competitors, and they are absurd.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the new release of chef, Thirteenth to be exact, and in the meantime they are looking for news about their favorite cooking show.

The start date is not yet known, most likely December as usual, and we do not even know if the jury will be reconfirmed.

We will see the trio again Giorgio Locatelli, Antonino Cannavacciolo, Bruno Barbieri To judge the work of aspiring chefs?

The trio has now shown how close-knit they are, having fun together and impressing each other in every episode. It is accessed via microphones Vanity gallery The three chefs expressed a common opinion while maintaining, as always, the skill and friendliness that characterizes them. To the chef Locatelli For example like this “Bruno’s precision and precision and Antonino’s grandeur – in every point of view.”While the latter believesGiorgio has a beautiful personality, he is kind and honest. Bruno is very meticulous.” And Barbers? He said “In Antonino I appreciate the good spirit of a friend who is always available. I have always been an admirer of Giorgio: my favorite quality in him is his intellectual honesty, a sincere man.” This is the relationship between judges. And with competitors?

MasterChef: The relationship with judges and absurd rules

Over the course of the 12 editions that have been broadcast so far, many contestants have passed, but what the audience does not know is that many things happen behind the scenes that we do not see. The backstory and secrets are revealed by previous participants. For example, have you ever noticed this? Don’t the judges taste the last dish? So how do they know if it’s good, you might ask.

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They simply taste during preparation to get an idea as several hours pass between this and presentation, so it will obviously not only be cold, but will definitely have a different flavour.

Masterchef's relationship with the judges
MasterChef Judges: Locatelli, Cannavacciolo, Barbieri – (photo on Instagram @masterchef_it) StreetFoodNews

What competitors should do

Which perhaps it seems Seems like a very harsh rule What seems quite logical is the fact that the competitors should have no contact with the judges, or in any case it should be reduced to a minimum. The reason can be easily deduced: in this way any possible influence resulting from personal sympathy is avoided.

Contestants from Chef They are followed in every way by the writers and directors who pick them up from the residence where they stay during filming and accompany them directly to the filming location. Finally, as with other shows, since the recordings are done well before the broadcast, they must sign a confidentiality agreement.