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How to switch from Libero Mail to Gmail


free Offers service E-mail Widely used for email private And professionalsThe reason is that for a while it was The most common way to open one Mail In Italy.

but now Very famous site He begins to feel the weight of the years and their last events These days, while fixing the issue, it may prompt some users to switch to gmail. So let’s see How to switch from Free to Gmail In 2023, move emails, contacts, and send mail at the old address.


How to switch from Libero Mail to Gmail

origins free (How to unblock Libero mail) and her Success They have distant roots, which also explains why they are still used, especially by many professionals.

The site was actually born in the early 90’s thanks to a collaboration between Olivetti And University of PisaThen the free service was introduced webmail And in a few years it was bought by Infostrada which made a box of Free mail for users.

It came in the 2000s winds, who created the portal free, By combining sites ItaliaOnLine, it’s free And winds. Those were other years, not just because we danced stars Superman fan (or I will go up by Daniele Silvestri for those most connected to our rhythms), but also why gmail (b. 2004) yet to come (This is how Secret Mode works).

So here it is that many users have created and satisfied used the Free accountbut over the years, with the advent of gmail and others services, the determinants became clearer. First there little space (only 1 GB) available, and after that several people complained about the Spam filter Not particularly effective ei Advertising banners very invasive.

many of these They abandoned the historical service, but there are those who have not he could or wanted, Like them Action hey professionals, related to their postal address for business reasons.

What in previous days They met related, Which led them to the extreme decision of switching to another service, such as Gmail.

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With 15 GB of the available free space, the Google service It is the most obvious and popular alternative, and the good news is that you will lose your account free And you can even use it for To communicate With your customers…but from Gmail!

  1. start browsers from your computer and go toGmail address
  2. Log in with your credentials or Create an accountin case you don’t have one
  3. In the upper right, click on the icon Gear shape
  4. In the window that appears, click View all settings
  5. It will open now settings A real, somewhat dense window of information in which it’s easy to get lost, but don’t worry
  6. Above, under writing settings, You see a series of writings. Click Accounts and import
  7. next to Check mail from other accountsClick Add an email account
How to switch from Free to Gmail
  1. A window with a yellow background will open. Enter your address Free email and click straight ahead
  2. In the next window, select the item Import emails from my other account (POP3)
  3. Click straight ahead
  4. Now you have to enter Username (your email address Libero) f password
  5. Under POP Server, enter
  6. next to Brings , Click the drop down menu and select 995
  7. These selections mean that all messages on Libero will be moved to Gmail. If you want to leave a copy of the message on the server, you must specify and port 993, and also put a check mark next to Leave a copy of the downloaded letter on the server
  8. Put a tick next to Always use a secure (SSL) connection when downloading mail
  9. A tip is also to put the check next to Apply label to incoming messagesso you can instantly identify arrivals from Libero e-mail
  10. Click Add accounts
How to switch from Free to Gmail

How to transfer contacts from Libero Mail to Gmail

We’re fine with emails, but with i contacts in the address book? Years of work has resulted in a strong pillar, and you don’t want to lose it.

Here’s how to import it into Gmail.

  1. sign in toFree email
  2. Click Address book (next to the Libero logo)
  3. Click the icon Three horizontal lines to the right of the directory name
  4. Under Import or Export, select export
  5. To determine csv file and choose Include distribution lists
  6. Click export
  7. a .csv file
  8. Now go up gmail
  9. In the upper right, clickicon to Square shape It consists of nine points
  10. Scroll down and tap Contacts
How to switch from Free to Gmail
  1. A new page will open. From the left panel, click It doesn’t matter
  2. Click Choose files
  3. Choose The .csv file you just downloaded, which should be called Contacts
  4. Click It doesn’t matter
  5. Now everyone Contacts In Libero’s address book they convert to that of Gmail
How to switch from Free to Gmail

How to send mail with the old address

There is another point remained suspended. When we put a file Receive emails On Libero in Gmail we have decided not to send emails with our Libero account but with a Gmail account, precisely because we want set us free to free And Switch to Gmail.

If we want to do this, it is possible that some Our connection there recognize And when we reply, we see an unknown email address, Delete our email Or block it due to some filters that block unknown senders.

exist In two ways to work around this. The first is to put a file Auto answer On the Libero Mail, so that everyone who writes to us will be informed, on our end Free emailWe’ve changed the address. The second is Gmail setup They even send emails using the old address, and maybe notify them manually. Let’s see how to use it.

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Set the auto reply to Free

  1. sign in toFree email
  2. Click the gear icon
  3. Click Mail Settings
  4. Enable the Auto Reply item by activating the button on the right
  5. Type text in the message field to notify users that you’ve changed your address and they’ll get a reply from their new Gmail address

Send emails from Gmail using the Libero Mail address

If instead you want to write Gmail emails using your old Libero address, do the following.

  1. Go up gmail
  2. Click the icon Gear shape up on the right
  3. Click View all settings
  4. between the top row of entries below settings, specified Accounts and import
  5. next to Send the message asClick Add another email address
How to switch from Free to Gmail
  1. enter you old email address And if you want to put another name
  2. We advise you to deselect Treat as an alias
  3. Click next step
  4. entrance password From your old email address and in Username Put your email address
  5. Click Add accounts
How to switch from Free to Gmail
  1. Now yours Libero email address will get A nine-digit code and a link. click Click on the link and confirm your identity, or enter A nine-digit code in the Gmail window
  2. Now you can Send new messages Using your old Libero address as the sender

At this point, you can set the file old address How do hypothetical To send emails or use them to reply to messages in the appropriate sections in Settings, in Accounts and importUnder Send the message as.

Now, when you write an email, in a from the fieldwhich specifies a file sender, You can click down arrow and choose sender, Your new or old Gmail address.


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