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How to start this habit in a very easy way that will ward off strokes and heart attacks and help get rid of calories and fat

How to start this habit in a very easy way that will ward off strokes and heart attacks and help get rid of calories and fat

The end of the year leads to important decisions. The turning point of 12 months for many can be a catalyst for making a change in their lives. Sometimes, symbolic calendar dates can make it easier to make important decisions. How many times have so many of us promised to do something or stop a habit with the beginning of the year, the end of vacation, etc.?

How to start this habit in a very easy way that will ward off strokes and heart attacks and help get rid of calories and fat

Well, January 1st may be a chance to introduce a healthy habit into our lives. A change that can make us gain health, reduce excess weight and keep fit all year round, or run. Many don’t run because they consider it too tiring, some start but give up immediately because they get tired after only 3 minutes. However, running is easy, it is very beneficial for your health and with some secrets you can start running effortlessly. Some studies indicate this Doing this habit 4 times a week helps clean the arteries and stave off stroke and heart attacks.

Running is one of the most natural activities in the world. After starting to walk, the children begin to run. If running is too easy, then the activity of running is not that easy. Those who want tangible health benefits should run for a certain amount of time, at least half an hour, albeit at a slow pace.

Many can, by mistake, get discouraged before even starting to think about running for half an hour, or at least 3 km. Of course, if a beginner thinks that he will be able to go 3 km immediately after the appearance of the first inevitable difficulties, he will be immediately disappointed. However, everyone can run up to 3 kilometers or half an hour in a row in a short time, burning hundreds of calories. Here are some tricks on how to easily start this habit that will prevent stroke and heart attack and help burn calories and fat.

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How do you plan your workout

The first rule is to understand that running requires consistency and sincerity. In just a few weeks you will be able to run effortlessly for 30 minutes by following these guidelines. A beginner who starts running for the first time, but also who resumes work after a long break, should not rush and speed up the time. If you start running, do 3 half-hour exercises per week. Divide the exercise into 6 phases of 5 minutes each. The first week of each stage run for 1 minute and then walk at a brisk pace for 4 minutes. At the end of the session, the runner will have ran for 6 minutes and walked briskly for 24 minutes.

The second week of each phase of 5 minutes, this time the beginner will run for 2 minutes and will walk briskly for 3 minutes. If 2 minutes of running is too much, you can run for 1 1/2 minutes and walk at a brisk pace for 3 1/2 minutes.

Each week, the runner will increase their running by half a minute or one minute per stage. This way, in 5 weeks, max 10 weeks, you’ll easily be running for 30 minutes without stopping. From that moment on, every 3 exercises you can increase your run by 5 minutes, up to the hour.


These daily activities burn more calories and can reduce obesity faster but also reduce cholesterol and triglycerides.

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