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Summer extends, but not so good! We explain why it will be a problem for Italy »

September Weather: Summer extends, but not so good! We explain why it will be a problem for Italy

September, summer extends, but it’s not goodThe climate has gone crazy, it was too hot, it rained a little, and when that happens, there’s always a risk of disasters, not to mention the classic “There are no more than half the seasons.” They are now these Threads more Treat When chatting about the weather between people. In fact, we can not deny that weather changes she rather Clear Nowadays. It is proof of that summer that we are witnessing, a season that certainly reflects the trend of recent years that is witnessing stages Summer vacation in a silent or even in too lateAnd To make up for that in the end, while also collecting interest.
the guilt It’s always the same opposite form, which is now the inseparable travel companion of the season of the sun: we’re talking aboutAfrican cyclone After making Italy boil for the most part July NS AugustNow you are preparing to collect the interest by letting us stay in it the heat Also in the first part of the month September.

In short, despite the “old” seasonal breakdowns, once always punctuality in the aftermath mid August, here is this boiling Tornado He shows us a truly enviable look. Let’s call it september summer or even better summer extension, The fact is that the first half of the month September He seems to have every intention of spending time more often stableAnd But above all there is still a lot the heat for the calendar.

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Unfortunately summer extension of this size It may not be a file we will for our country.
So what should we expect in the second part of September? sudden phase of Stormy mold or one tiring season, full of diseases that will go to die slowly As in some kind of long agony?
The statistics of the past few years leave no doubt: both events. At the gates of the last stage of September In fact, we will find ourselves with temperature still to lift Especially our own Large. This will be the last item to submit More energy to the inevitable first and serious seasonal rupture.

These conditions, for example, can lead to a sudden autumnal shift in the southern regions of the European chessboard and at the same time to the formation of extreme events, many of which fear such as Medican (or TLC), this is a type of file Mediterranean hurricanes, which forms when the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea feed low pressure and develop the characteristics of a tropical storm. Although often of short duration, the Medicane can bring heavy rains and strong winds of up to 120 km/h.

According to forecast AccuWeather will be loaned maximum attention also to areas centernorth grave danger flood events. This time of year is often very delicate because strong Contradictions which are created between completely different air masses: the latter hot On the one hand and the first cold dash A descent from Northern Europe on the other hand. The history of the recent past is unfortunately rich Events alluvial Suddenly it can cause serious personality problems Hydrogeological Come brakesAnd torrents and strong My time. Once again, the temperature from our surface water Large that they can provide energy Also necessary to develop hypothesis the system Thunderstorms Who can only be expected after a few days, especially in regards to the trip they are taking.

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In short, the future may not be so rosy and we may end up regretting it hot, but stable whole days Property.

The seas are warmer than usual: up to 4-5°C above average The seas are warmer than usual: up to 4-5°C above average First offers for next September and fallFirst offers for next September and fall