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Watch Earthrise and Moonset – the real video will leave you speechless

Watch Earthrise and Moonset – the real video will leave you speechless

Here's a great video showing Earth rising and setting on the lunar horizon. The images were collected from the Japanese Aerospace Agency's Kaguya Orbiter archive

We are used to seeing the sun Height and settingIt is strange to see our planet suddenly appear and disappear behind the lunar horizon. It's the video edited by Sean Doran on his YouTube profile. Thanks to the images obtained around the moon From a Japanese probeIt was possible to reconstruct what a possible entity would see on the moon's surface. Just as the sun rises and sets on Earth, we will see our planet rise and set behind the gray lunar valleys and craters. Watch the video Then we attach them together.

Selene's mission to the moon

These beautiful photos are taken from the archive Kaguya's orbit Affiliated with the Japanese Space Agency JAXA. In fact the probe was a part From Celine's missionlater renamed Kaguya From legend For Princess Kaguya Hime. The mission began in September 2007 and among the main objectives was to study the origin and evolution of lunar soil, as well as to develop technologies Future human missions On our satellite. “Kaguya” consists of a main satellite located about 100 kilometers away from two other small satellites orbiting the poles of the moon. In February 2009, the orbiter descended to an altitude of about 50 kilometers on the lunar surface, getting closer on April 16, when it reached an altitude of about 50 kilometers. 10 km above the ground (It gives us pictures of the Earth like the following). The mission officially ended on June 10, 2009, when the probe collided with the Moon as planned.

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Earth and moon
Excerpt from video. Credit: JAXA

Draw a map of the moon's surface

Among the results of the mission is improved mapping From the surface of the moon Compared to previous missions. Among other things, they have also been used to improve the study and knowledge of the gravitational field of the far side of the Moon. In this sense, the small satellite that allowed the probe to maintain contact proved essential Earth with the moon.