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Holidays and diet, with these rules do not deprive yourself of anything and maintain your fitness throughout the summer: goodbye to extra kilograms

Holidays and diet, with these rules do not deprive yourself of anything and maintain your fitness throughout the summer: goodbye to extra kilograms

Here’s how to juggle your diet with your holidays, without depriving yourself of anything and maintaining the hard-earned figure you took months to achieve. Say goodbye to extra pounds with these easy rules.

Aside from the aesthetic issue, this is not important, as it should be for each of us To love yourself as you are, Ignore the various stereotypes that exist around you, and do not listen to the unjustified criticism made by others.

But staying fit, losing those extra kilos and eating in a healthy and balanced way is a matter of course Greetings. It has been found that obesity or eating so-called “fast food” causes problems in the long term Diseases Which puts the lives of every one of us at risk.

For this reason, many people feel anxious when long-awaited people arrive vacationBecause they fear that all efforts will be wasted and practically in vain. Rest assured because with this simple TricksYou will be able to combine diet and vacation in the same sentence.

You will finally be able to not deprive yourself of anything and with a little insight save your life Your line Throughout the summer, say goodbye to those extra kilos that usually accompany you from September onwards.

Rules for combining holidays and diet

Before proceeding, remember that regardless of the extra kilograms and if you do not suffer from certain diseases, every now and then Fatal error Also allowed on holiday. We all need a few moments where we simply enjoy company, eat without thinking about calories and have fun. This way, dietary restrictions will not seem intolerable to you, as if you had imposed your own restrictions A moment of relaxation.

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In fact, diet should not be seen as a terrible moment, but rather we should stop seeing it as an enemy and start thinking of it as a “danger”. Balanced diet plan It’s healthy. Nowadays, with all the delicious and light recipes we find on the Internet, we no longer have to imagine boiled zucchini and grilled steaks, but now there are many of them. substitute To keep fit.

Choose dishes with lower calories – Source: Depositphotos –

Some tricks to follow

And here we are at the part of the article that I have been waiting for for a long time. Here’s how to reconcile it Diet on vacation, without making any particular sacrifices, thus enjoying relaxation, without taking the extra kilos home. There are many tricks to follow, such as never doing “redundant“In a restaurant, try to avoid bread and breadsticks on the table. If you can, every time you read the menu, look for dishes that are delicious but slightly Fewer calories.

Treat yourself too Fatal error For each meal, for example if you want lasagna, you might eat dessert the next day, and so on. If you know you are going to a restaurant for dinner, eat normally at lunch, following the rules Food plan At home, so you don’t arrive hungry during the meal. Then try to continue physical activity in a comfortable way, for example, if you are at the seaside, swim, if you are in the mountains, walk, and so on. In conclusion, on vacation, try to have fun and relax, and if you can, try to do so wherever possible Do not be misled also. The moment the scale doesn’t go back to the same number it was when you left, take a deep breath, think back to the good moments you had and get back on track. In Riga Once you get home, without feeling guilty. Simply get going again.

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