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Everyone gasped, “We still can’t believe it.”

Everyone gasped, “We still can’t believe it.”

Andrea Bocelli |

The news about the content is incredible and makes everyone cry. Fans are amazed.

Andrea Bocelli can now say that he has reached the pinnacle of his career. His tenor career led him to intertwine his notoriety with other big names such as Luciano Pavarotti, fellow in terms of singing. However, Bocelli has also entered the pop music scene with a straight leg by collaborating with Lady Gaga, Giorgia, Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa, Ed Sheeran, and others.

His fame exploded in the 1990s and has been increasing ever since. He is currently among the most popular singers in the world and is even listed on Hollywood Walk of Fame for his career.

The tenor has successfully exploited his notoriety for a good purpose by showing a certain social commitment: in 2011 he founded Andrea Bocelli Foundationa body that promotes initiatives aimed at reconciling inequality, wage differentials, poverty and discrimination.

Andrea has won many awards. Now it looks like he’s ready for a new chapter in his career. What will he say goodbye?

The turning point in Bocelli’s artistic career

The Tuscan artist has the exciting news for 2023 in store. In fact, he has been called upon to create document series On the same, available on the streaming platform of Paramount + from Feb 1 from this year. Address? Evocative “the journey”or “Travel”.

Bocelli's Journey
Preview “The Journey” |

Bocelli’s journey, documented by the series, recalls important stages of his life, visiting places that had a great impact on his world. The road is full of greenery, as it follows the path of majestic landscapes in Lazio up about TuscanyTouch the artist’s home.

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It is also interesting to ascertain what it is travel friends: close friends, relatives, and loved ones, with whom the singer has conversations as she learns because she is deep into the intimate and existential themes that embrace us all, creating an indirect bond with the viewer.

Focus, thought and lots of music are the ingredients of this exclusive signature dish Paramount +who handled the distribution of the documentary produced by TBN and CineRoma and directed by the duo Morbioli-Sodi.

sure, Andrea Bocelli He mostly said “bye” to the big international stages, but only to land in the private homes of each and every one of us, allowing us to enjoy his magic from the small screen. “We still can’t believe it, it’s a unique opportunity” Fans smile on social media.