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Here is the "triangle" of Draghi's diary

Here is the “triangle” of Draghi’s diary

behind four months From settlement, government Mario Draghi Make a clear mistake and active in terms of the internationalization of the state system which gives decisive confirmation to the thesis of those who considered it simplistic to reduce the reasons for his advocacy of government by Sergio Mattarella to mere economic law. economy, especially through National Recovery and Resilience PlanAnd the he is was just Average As part of a broader project that seeks to reestablish clear and precise guidelines for determining the state’s international position, state action, and political priorities under the leadership and direction of the Prime Minister.

my dragee, Month after month, welding his policies into those of the Atlantic axis and relaunching the grand hierarchy of the country’s leadership role in the European context, he moved within two very specific triangles to define his work. On the other hand, a “geopolitical” triangle: USA, France, Germany. The three main partners of the state system in the geopolitical sphere and in the context of society, the reference authorities and the ultimate sources of adaptation of the work of the executive branch. between Paris, Become a partner Systematic in the fight against strictness and with whom Draghi intends to coordinate competition and cooperationAnd the Berlin, The central nation of the Union in the last months in power Angela Merkel, e Washington , Including the former governor of the European Central Bank It became the reference point in Europe, an executive body of national unity built with a line realistic strategy on a global scale. With the aim of returning Rome to where it needed it.

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There is therefore a “practical” triangle. This is the result of interactions between government, its strategies, and the concrete and political adaptation that affects its functioning. Boundaries and Limits at the same time as Draghi’s work who moves in light of these circumstances and tries to anticipate expectations. The first point in this triangle is it status And re-launch it from a practical and strategic point of view. Action Noun For public subsidiaries, in the past few weeks, the centralized system has been aggressively re-established over strategic bureaucracies such as the Treasury and the Bank of Italy. Central to developing strategies for checking names and management profiles.

Closely related to this second point Theme fixes Promoted by the government to encourage the competitiveness of the Italian state system. From simplifying public administration to simplifying procedures for starting construction sites and public works, the Draghi government is working with the goal of increasing the involvement of the bureaucracy with the goal of making the country more attractive to investors and creating job and business opportunities. Knowing that the present for years a bring it European Central Bank screen On government bonds will be The competitiveness between countries in Europe will be played on these determinants.

Finally, the strategic value of the “humanitarian diplomacy” that Draghi became the architect and author of is related to this issue. The Prime Minister has brought to the government a consolidated wealth of personal experiences, contacts and relationships along with a strong credit of trust in the international context. It is no coincidence that Draghi is currently the only head of state or government in the world who was previously a governor of the Central Bank, in his case the Bank of Italy and the European Central Bank. At a time when the money supply by central institutions around the world has become a determining factor stability The economies affected by the pandemic, and the ability to read these trends politically and build around them The systemic response gains additional value. The Keynesian turn The winds of overcoming austerity coming from the USA and also dominant in Europe that Draghi explains are specifically mediated by the action of the central institutions whose government is responsible for delivering concrete and medium-term implementation.

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These are the two playing tables on which the CEO moves: At such a point, it’s hard to imagine drastic tears and sudden turns. mascot system recovery In the country, in its priorities, in its dynamics, in its strategic vision, Draghi’s agenda constantly dominates. An agenda with its reference contour in the two triangles described above could, at the same time, unfold pragmatically and realistically to re-launch the country after the pandemic.