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Daylight saving time is back: we’ll sleep less than an hour tonight. $200 million is expected to be saved

One hour less sleep but a lot of savings. at two o’clock Sunday 27 March Daylight saving time comes into effect and the clock will have to be set forward by an hour. In the seven months it will come into effect, until next October 30, Terna, the company that operates the national transport network, calculates, Italy will save more than 190 million euros, thanks to a reduction in electricity consumption equivalent to 420 million kWh. The environmental benefits are also important, and can be measured in the reduction of about 200 thousand tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. From 2004 to 2021, according to Terna’s analysis, the reduced consumption of electricity in Italy due to the summer was about 10.5 billion kWh and, in economic terms, saved citizens more than 1.8 billion euros.

In the spring and summer period, the months that account for the greatest energy savings according to Terna are April and October. In fact, moving the scorpions forward by an hour delays the use of artificial light at a time when work activities are still in full swing. In the summer months, the effect of the delay in turning on the lights occurs in the evening, when most work activities are finished and results in less pronounced values ​​in terms of electricity savings.

The estimated economic benefit for the summer period in 2022 is calculated taking into account that the average kilowatt-hour cost of a typical domestic customer in protection (according to Arrera data) is currently equal to about 46.03 euro cents before tax. Approximately 420 million kWh of reduced electricity consumption is equivalent to the average annual needs of about 150,000 households.

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