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Here are the health risks

Here are the health risks

Sleeping while charging the phone on the bedside table is now a common practice for many people. Unfortunately, this practice carries many health risks

This is often done out of fear that someone will call us in the middle of the night for some urgency. Studies in this regard show the negative impact of this crazy habit.

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the The phone is something that has become indispensable in modern society. It is thanks to him that you can perform the most diverse daily activities, which is why there is a real relationship between many Addictive with this tool.

even from a night Somehow it is present in our lives. In fact, cases of people turning it off or setting it aside when sleeping are very rare.

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Falling asleep while charging your phone: What it could mean in the long run

A fairly common practice is to place them in a position of responsibility on the bedside nightstand, and it is strictly operated. Nothing is more harmful and wrong to human health. In the past Several researches have found that using smartphones during the night can exacerbate disorders such as insomnia.

The most detailed is the study by the University of Granada (published in the journal Pineal Research) that in several cases charging a phone in the office from the bed has effects on metabolism. In fact, the artificial light produced by the mobile device disrupts the production of hormones such as melatonin that regulate the rhythm of sleep.

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The spread of electromagnetic radiation generated during phone charging disturbs melatonin production. The logical consequence is a deterioration in the quality of sleep.

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Prolonging this position in the long term can lead to one Metabolic imbalance and the emergence of diseases that are not easy to manage such as Diabetes and obesity.

backwards A completely dark environment with minimal electromagnetic radiation favors the formation of the above-mentioned hormone. And therefore, The advice is to turn off your mobile phone when you go to bed and keep it at a safe distance.