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Gli Stati Uniti chiuderanno temporaneamente l

Canadian Prime Minister has taken some special measures against the Freedom Caravan protest

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday announce It will take extraordinary measures, at the federal level, to stop protesting the restrictions imposed on the coronavirus known as the Freedom Caravan. These measures are part of the so-called “emergency law”, which can only be invoked in cases of special danger, and this is the first time in Canadian history that the government has adopted an anti-government protest. The Emergency Law grants the government, for a period of 30 days, Extraordinary Powers, including banning protesters’ checking accounts and increasing law enforcement powers. Trudeau emphasized that these measures will only be applied temporarily and very selectively.

The Freedom Caravan entered its third week: The occupation of trucks and other vehicles in downtown Ottawa, the Canadian capital, and other areas, led to logistical and public order problems. In recent days, there have been various pressures on Trudeau, especially from the United States, to intervene at the federal level against the protests, but For a variety of reasons — also rooted in Canadian political culture and the way law enforcement is organized — Trudeau has been reluctant to do so.

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