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Superbonus, Gomez to La7: "Draghi attacks him talking about scams and lack of controls? I'm surprised he's not right"

Superbonus, Gomez to La7: “Draghi attacks him talking about scams and lack of controls? I’m surprised he’s not right”

Draghi’s criticism of the premium bonus? Frankly, I am surprised that it is not true, and I must say it with regretThus, in transmission “air that pulls” (La7), director Based on FQ MillenniumAnd Peter Gomezcommented Statements made by the Prime Minister on 11 February, Mario DraghiOn the Super Bonus 110%.

Gomez explains: “I am surprised by Draghi’s misbehavior first and foremost because The majority of scams are not related to the super rewardBecause it is an excellent reward The controls are there. Secondly, the bug is there because all this has been known since at least November 2020. A financial law was drawn up for which the government, or rather Mario Draghi, it is said that he keeps the Superbone only for the poorest – He continues – This is for those with the slightest vision. On the other hand, parties, from Lega to Pd to M5s, have wanted the super reward for all and are in parliamentary proceedings. I remember contrary to what was said and written, Draghi did not say to keep track of all the rewards Or to put an icon. But d’emblee He wakes up and attacks only the premium bonus, so much so that it has been corrected by the Minister of Economy Franco“.

Il Fatto’s online manager comments: “For the need Energy EfficiencySurely the instrument should have done better. But improving the energy efficiency of our homes is a smarter way than trying to consume more gas, in order to avoid Global Warming. We, as citizens, must have a common goal We use less gas and less electricity in our homes – concludes – because otherwise this world will go to hell. Everything else is a political debate that we should distance ourselves from, because in this case there are the numbers that speak. I’m surprised my rider knows the numbers but doesn’t take them into account“.

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