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Van Gogh, London ecologists throw fluids against sunflowers

Van Gogh, London ecologists throw fluids against sunflowers

Are you more interested in art or life? –

London media reported that 21-year-old Phoebe Plummer, after carrying out the act, shouted “What interests you more? Art or life? Are you more interested in protecting a painting or the planet?”. Van Gogh’s work is protected by glass. Greater London Police intervened and announced that they had arrested the activists on charges of “gross harm”.

Protest across Britain –

The “Just Stop Oil” campaign, launched against setbacks in climate emergency policy attributed to the Tory government by Liz Truss, has been underway in Great Britain for several days with hit-and-run operations against places and public transport by teams of extremist activists.

Snap two young environmentalists –

Photos of the blitzkrieg in the National Gallery show two very young fighters in action: both entered the museum wearing white “Just Stop Oil” T-shirts and then shot the contents of two cans of tomato soup opposite the famous painting. by Van Gogh. It is then affixed to the wall with one hand, under the dirty work, until it is photographed smiling, with straight slot bundles in the other hand.

Frame worth 80 million –

The work “I Girasoli” displayed in the National Gallery is one of five copies of the same theme painted by the great Dutch artist and the London canvas is valued at more than 80 million euros.

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