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He will return to the agents, few remember his true history

He will return to the agents, few remember his true history

The Lancia premiere of the new ten-year program is approaching, a legend coming back to life with a long history.

There is less than a month to go until February 14, a day when local fans will celebrate Lancia They are waiting for more than Christmas. actually, The new Ypsilon will be unveiled on Valentine's Day, even if its shapes are no longer a mystery, having already been shown in Milan during the filming of a commercial. The car is scheduled to be officially unveiled in the capital, Milan, in the presence of the company's senior management excellent And the house is in Turin. The launch version will be the electric version, but after that the thermal gasoline version will also arrive.

Launches a historic comeback –

Lancia worked hard on this car, With the electric car, which will have a power of 156 horsepower and a battery of 54 kWh, capable of ensuring 400 kilometers of autonomy.. Moreover, in addition to the gasoline hybrid version, an extreme version will also arrive later, the 240 hp HF Integrale, expected in 2025. In the meantime, let's dust off the legend of this car from its origins. The success was truly tremendous.

Lancia, the Epsilon legend goes back a long time

the Lancia So Epsilon is the great protagonist at this moment as far as the group is concerned excellent, but also the domestic automotive sector. The jewel will be unveiled in Milan, amid great anticipation from enthusiasts who cannot wait to discover its shapes. Just think that the legendary history of this model was born with the Y10 of 198638 years ago, to a great success story.

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Lancia Ypsilon on display (ANSA) –

It was the world's first luxury compact car, but above all it was the last model to carry the brand autobianchi Before passing the baton. Over a decade, production exceeded one million units, which confirms its great success. In 1995 it changed the brand and was replaced by Lancia Ywhich was directly derived from Y10, and the reason for its great success was the great appreciation it received from the female audience.

The year 1995 was also a huge success. 42 thousand units were sold in just two months, who are following the show. Today, the Turin company decided to relaunch this legend, and we are sure that it will achieve very good sales, even if we want to evaluate the desire of the Italians to try the electric car. The Ypsilon is sure to follow in the World Rally Championship, where it will make its debut in the coming years. This is the category in which the brand in question won everything between the 1970s and 1990s, but then suddenly withdrew.

And from what appeared, Stellantis Group intends to invest in this categorywhere there are no busy builders, with Toyota Who dominated the scene undisturbed for years. The Ypsilon could be an ideal model to meet the requirements of the new rules, and it also has a petrol hybrid version, which will be the basis for the competition model. We will soon know more about this project, which undoubtedly promises great good.