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You can download these apps for free for a longer period of time: don't miss out

You can download these apps for free for a longer period of time: don't miss out

Many free apps have appeared on the Play Store that are usually paid: the advice is to take advantage of this offer immediately.

Smartphone owners know very well that to download applications you have to go to the Google Play Store (if the phone is running Android) or to the App Store if the device in question is an iPhone. It is not uncommon to find in these virtual stores the most beautiful applications without having to spend even a single euro. In some cases, in fact, it may happen that applications that are usually paid for in virtual stores are offered completely free.

Free apps on the Play Store: here's what they are

Just in the last few hours, Android announced that some user-added apps have been added to the Play Store They can download absolutely free.

Among the free applications on the Play Store there are also games: complete list (

A deal that no one wants to miss, also because most free apps are invaded by ads. This is not the case, because it is about to The promotion is obviously of limited duration:So the advice is to download these apps as soon as possible so as not to miss the great opportunity.

But what are these applications that are offered for free on the Google Play Store? The first is Blur photo – Blur backgroundwhich is a photo editing application that is highly appreciated by users because it is able to blur objects in photos and even backgrounds.

Blur Photo – Blur background is really perfect If the goal is to censor faces Or hide some unwanted aspects that appear in the image.

Another app available for free these days on the Play Store is Flowers Mod Digital Watchface, a floral design designed specifically for the faces of WearOS, Google's operating system that we find on board smartwatches. Flowers Mod Digital Animation Watchface They all focus on natural elementsNamely flowers, fruits, trees and much more.

Games are free too: Here's Tech Quiz Master and BUMGINEER Clicker RPG

Among the free offers that can be downloaded these days on the Play Store, some games cannot be missing. Tech Quiz Master is part of this shortlistwhich pleases many users who can get it on their phones without spending a single euro.

This quiz game is designed and created for all those who are practicing the profession Technology and IT enthusiasts. We start from the lowest level and then gradually go up and reach the maximum level of difficulty. With Tech Quiz Master, it is possible to increase your knowledge of these topics.

Finally it is also worth mentioning BUMGINEER CLICKER RPGa role-playing game where the user assumes the virtual role of engineer Woodrow Clay: the goal is to try to avoid the end of the world.

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