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He has been working for 20 years without a sick day (unpaid), the company gives him a box of sweets, the Web is 400,000 euros

He has been working for 20 years without a sick day (unpaid), the company gives him a box of sweets, the Web is 400,000 euros

He has worked for more than 20 years without asking for a single day illness. Dedication to work that certainly cannot leave employers indifferent, despite being a worker Burger King, a giant in the world of catering. And so, as a reward, he received a gift package that impressed the hero of the story who now makes the whole world talk. Yes, because for a worker of impeccable behaviour, the reward was a box of sweets and little else. Once the news spread on social media, the response from web users was truly amazing.

Story: He worked for 20 years without getting sick

The story comes straight from the United States, where Kevin Ford For more than 20 years he has been working tirelessly at Burger King at Harry Reid International Airport Vegas. An extraordinary dedication to work did not leave indifferent even the upper floors of the sandwich giant. Through TikTok, he wanted to share with everyone the joy of being recognized. No arguing, just a lot of gratitude from the man who, after a lot of hard work spent in the kitchen and at the cash desk, got a cup of coffee, a movie ticket, some candy and a few other little things as a prize. “I was very happy to receive such a beautiful and spontaneous gesture from my company, but I never expected that by uploading a video showing the gift I had received on social networks, I would elicit such engagement from people,” he said. media months later.

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This past May, Kevin was pleasantly surprised: Burger King sent him a gift package to thank him for what he had accomplished in more than 20 years working for their company. In fact, few can boast of never claiming a sick day in their life. But his social video, while touched by his discovery of what he was given, did not excite the web world. The video went viral, and users were blown away by the views and comments on what was posted. Although he showed great enthusiasm and a touch of passion, people were definitely not excited. “But how can you serve only sweets to such a person?” A user wrote, which was soon followed by several others, outraged by the company’s behaviour.

For days, nothing else was said in the States, making Kevin’s story a real case. At that point, the model worker’s daughter walked in and decided to open a GoFundMe fundraiser because so many people were willing to help the man. Help that, as the days and months passed, took on unexpected proportions. In fact, three months later, the web world has raised over €400,000 for the man, thanks to the thousands and thousands of donations that will allow Kevin to fully enjoy his retirement. “You really deserve it, you are a very honest and good man,” wrote one user who said she was almost touched by people’s reactions. But most surprising was the protagonist who, however, has no intention of giving up his job: “I thank everyone for the unexpected and unnecessary support you have given me. I really appreciate this money and I never expected it, as I uploaded a video on TikTok. I was really happy with what I received, because every gift is something to be accepted with pleasure. I will need this money for my children’s retirement and university, but until then I will continue to work as always, with the same passion and dedication.”

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