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Halo Infinite: Support moves from Seasons to Operations, 343i in new projects

Halo Infinite: Support moves from Seasons to Operations, 343i in new projects

In a decision that has already sparked many discussions, some of which may not have been rooted in reality, 343 Industries has announced a change in long-term support for Infinite aurawith the intention of diverting attention From seasons to processesor one reorganization In the way of suggesting new content.

The chapters in Halo Infinite have been explained so far Major updates: With the launch of each new season, developers introduce new game modes and new contents such as maps and more, with a variable frequency ranging from 6 to 4 months, once they find a faster pace in the recent period.

The final fifth season was particularly well received, but it seems that the team intends to change the organization of support by increasingly moving away from the periodic release of seasons and focusing more on operations, another distribution system for new content.

Operations in Halo Infinite typically last for a shorter duration and are spawned more frequently, every 4 or 6 weeks, bringing with them a new battle pass and several other new features.

This change will take effect from January 30, 2024, with the launch of… Operation Spirit of Fireis set to bring new customization options, new maps and add-ons to Forge, as well as many other new features.

Is 343 Industries working on the next Halo game?

Halo Infinite could have a sequel in the not too distant future

This is essentially a change in the support organization, but the addition of new content will not stop, it will have to happen frequently, mainly with Smaller but less distant additions One from the other.

Despite this, many see this maneuver as a kind of beginning of a break from Halo Infinite for 343 Industries, not because of the alleged reduction in support (which in reality will not undergo major changes, at least through 2024), but rather through the references made by Developers during a recent video diary about the news of the year, on “New projects“In development.

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In fact, the studio reports that while there have always been teams dedicated exclusively to supporting Halo Infinite, “we have additional teams pushing into the future, working on entirely new projects,” said community manager John Junesek in particular. “There are a lot of things being worked on here,” he added, indicating that development may have begun in the area Next chapter Infinite aura.

Meanwhile, some rumors claim that Certain Affinity's Halo Infinite Battle Royale project has been cancelled, although that project has never been officially confirmed.