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Guernail, center-left: Everyone's table by shared name.  Sources Pd: We are thinking about Ricardi's candidacy

Guernail, center-left: Everyone’s table by shared name. Sources Pd: We are thinking about Ricardi’s candidacy

I am Boondi Xiao

In the first ballot without agreement. Before the first ballot for the next president of the republic scheduled for Monday, January 24, and Silvio Berlusconi’s resignation For the role of the center-right candidate, there are meetings between the parties to formulate a strategy considering what will be nominated by votes.

On the morning of Sunday, January 23, the center of the left met, highlighting the need for everyone to have a table for a shared name. In the afternoon it was up to the league. Secretary Salvini will meet with committee chairs Ricardo Molinari and Massimiliano Romeo, followed by governors and regional representatives of the league. Meanwhile, yesterday the leader of the Northern League announced that he was working with his allies on the “group of high names”.

Salvini – Berlusconi phone call

Long and loving phone call between Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi: The leader of the league reiterated his gratitude and appreciation to the police for announcing yesterday. It is difficult to veto anyone’s position, “said Salvini.” Berlusconi is calm and well. “

Pd-M5s-Leu: First vote towards white

Pd-M5s-Leu will meet again tomorrow morning, January 24, to agree on the conduct of the first ballot. According to center-left sources, all three political forces are more likely to play the white ballot in the first ballot. In the evening, Giuseppe Conte, the five-star political leader, will follow with chamber and senate committee leaders in front of an assembly of large M5s voters. Delegates, senators and regional delegates will be joined by Zoom, who, according to what he has learned, will be contacted by President David Grippa and Marolina Castellon from the offices of the committee outside of the control room from Montserrat. Region.

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Sources Nazareno, we are thinking about Ricardi’s candidacy

Democrats for Quirinal meet in large numbers in the Chamber. The meeting is chaired by Secretary Enrico Letta. “We all know the fundamental role that Drake plays in Italy, Europe and the world,” said Letta, who, according to Nazarene sources, opened the summit of the big PT electorate. Morning with M5s and Leu. “Finally we can compare the names – we have highlighted the sources of the Democrats – Identikit has been mentioned for weeks now: impartial, official profile. Meetings leading up to a table between all political forces. Minister, ed) We consider the profile of the best president.