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Otto dei 12 candidati più quotati al Quirinale. Dall'alto a sinistra, in senso orario: Amato, Berlusconi, Cartabia, Casellati, Moratti, Gentiloni, Draghi e Casini

Pros and cons of the 13 most popular (minus 1) candidates in Guernsey

Eight of the 12 most popular candidates in Guernsey. From top left, clockwise: Amato, Berlusconi, Cordobia, Caselli, Morati, Gentiloni, Tragi and Cassini -.

Here are the pros and cons of each of the 12 most popular candidates for the presidency.

Drake: “Grandpa” is the first prime minister ready for promotion

For its ability to attract the majority, institutional sense and international credibility, the current Prime Minister is probably the first hypothesis in this field. There is a hurdle, and it is not easy to overcome: before Gurinell can use him, the majority of parties must ensure the continuity of the legislature and the will to continue to establish a government in office. At a press conference at the end of the year, the former governor of the ECB described himself as a “grandfather in the service of companies” so he would be available if invited to jump on the guerrilla.

Mattarella: The president who wants to avoid Encore

It is well known that the head of state did not want to give Encore to Quirinal. The reason is far-fetched: it is sad to turn an exception (Npolitano-bis) into a new practice. However, there is a rift and it is linked to two conditions: a complete institutional emergency, the parliament is blocked; At least the center-right on the government (Lega and Forza Italia) is willing to support him. Re-election with broad contracts, which will allow him to continue his work in government with a “photo copy administrator”.

Berlusconi: The leader is forced to leave

Function failure. Silvio Berlusconi’s goal as a rescuer and “rejuvenator” eventually led to the crossroads between retirement and one another. A self-appointment later became the hallmark of the entire center-right, with the immediate reconsideration of allies who cornered him, Salvini and Meloni. Controversy, contradictions and, above all, the return to the center of the scenes by the cautious statements of foreign newspapers that have emerged in Cav’s ambitions. Danger to the stability of the country. But in the end the man from Argor had to give up.

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Cartabia, Casellati and Amato: the “company” that inspires the country

Marta Cordobia, the first woman to chair the Constitutional Court, called on current Justice Minister Drake to work out tough “multilateral” reforms. Elizabeth Alberti Casselli, Speaker of the Senate, was elected to the state’s second place in 2018 on a center-right proposal, but with short-term approval. Giuliano Amado, two-time Prime Minister, is the Pector leader of Consulta, the broader education curriculum. These three company names respond to a situation in which a section of the majority group is concerned about a possible early referendum and considers it too risky to drop Palazzo Ciki. A scene that provokes the unification of personalities who are considered to be sufficiently united, leaving the Prime Minister in his place.

Cassini: The shadow candidate who can satisfy everyone

Pier Ferdinando Casini, the former chairman of the Chamber and longtime leader of the UDC, won the last election for the Senate in the ranks of the Renziano Democratic Party. He was the head of Christian Democratic International, and today he represents one of the few crossroads between the First, Second and Third Republics, as well as the “natural center” of the legislature that is overcome by continuous centrifugal and centrifugal impulses. Strong in tradition, it has been wisely “sunk” in recent times. No one (not even the M5s) vetoed it, which is why – for those pursuing broader deals – it is a “political” alternative to more corporate profiles.

Frattini, Gianni Letta and Morati: “Rose” is hot in the middle right

If there can be center-right unity, it can still affirm a certain “right of proposal” that center-left leaders themselves have not opposed in recent weeks. A short list of three political-institutional names: Franco Frattini, who was formally appointed yesterday as two-time foreign minister, former European commissioner and head of the State Council in the Berlusconi government; Gianni Letta, Historical Councilor of the Cav. And his Under-Secretary at Palazzo Ciki; Milan’s former mayor Leticia Moratti and recently returned to radical politics, joining Lombardy’s Governor Atilio Fontana in the struggle against Govt. The former treasury minister, Giulio Tremondi, has traditionally been close to the league and could be included in the squad.

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Gentiloni, Bindi, Ricardi: Mid-left attempted counter-attack

From wall to wall between two poles, with center-right displacement, even center-left may have the opportunity to attempt counter-attack. However, the extension of the triangle between Enrico Letta, Giuseppe Conte and Roberto Speranza to Matteo Renzi and the center is also hypothetical. The most recognizable names are current European Commissioner and former Prime Minister Paulo Gentiloni – more likely to attract central votes – and former head of the Anti-Mafia Commission Rosie Bindi, filling the front row on the left instead. In the Gentiloni, in the classroom, if all pro-European forces can be viewed with interest, it must be said that Bindi is one of the few profiles that receives the support of civil society involved in elements of civil society outside the palaces. legally. In the last few hours, Andrea Riccardi, founder of the Sant’Egidio community of Pd and M5s, has also emerged as an opportunity to vote on the first “calls”.