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Greetings to Della’s case, rejecting the suggestion: “Barcaroli is proud of Filalpa. Forget it as private healthcare.”

Macerata – Alberto Sicar’s disappointment at the dismissal of the agenda: “They said it was too early. As if they were in Tuscany and Emilia they were not widely publicized and actually appreciated. ” The opposition voted absolutely yes, including Elisabetta Garbati: “They are infrastructure to limit access to the emergency room.”

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Alberto Cecar on the city council

From Federica Nardi

The proposal to establish healthy homes in Macerata was rejected. The majority said no in the city council, while opponents voted yes in a compressed manner. Wall against wall in the center is a suggestion by Alberto Secar, the Strada Comone-Pottery al Popolo, who commented on the refusal showing great disappointment. He also allowed himself to go to particularly colorful quotes about the story that sparked controversy in the city yesterday: comment by councilor Laura Laviano against the famous singer Vides.

“I don’t know if I’ve had balls before (Cicarè, like Laviano, uses symbols instead of words, editor) Raised a lot by board member Laviano (I imagine her surrounded by men with chest and legs apart, who never ask), but I know that Yesterday the aforementioned me fell into the city councilFaced with rejection of our proposal for Case della Salute – wrote Cicarè on his Facebook page -. Imagine a radical change in the relationship between the citizen and the health facility. As a citizen, I can go every day of the week, all day, to a place where I can find many basic and specialized services, without necessarily having to go to the hospital or private clinic, or having to wait for my doctor intermittently for shifts. The recovery plan that Draghi outlined yesterday promises to invest heavily in this type of structure, making it possible to reduce access to the emergency room by treating cases configured as white icons, to accepting protected discharges from hospitals by taking care of a dedicated treatment pathway, to provide extensive nursing services. Scope, integration of health and social care through the presence of social workers. Well, the mayor and majority rejected the proposal. The reasons are frankly funny. I’ve heard Parcaroli boast Villalba as a distinct regional architecture. I had to remind him that this is a private clinicAnd that private structures suffer from deficiencies in the public service. They said it was too early. As if in Tuscany, Emilia weren’t really widespread and appreciated. But perhaps this is true, as they are very complex and innovative ideas. The heart and the brain take a few balls. ”


Elisabetta Garbati

Also disappointed by the rejection Elisabetta Garbati rejuvenates from Macerata, Who strongly supported Cicaré’s proposal: “We wanted to support this agenda warmly because we are firmly convinced that it is important to encourage the creation of healthy homes also in our lands, which are very important structures for citizens especially at this historic moment of the pandemic. His first speech to the Senate. The Prime Minister reaffirmed the concept of the need to strengthen and redesign local health care starting with the network of basic services. From here came a list at the top of which specifically the so-called health homes that Draghi defined as community homes, which are places Close to citizens from a well-being point of view, and located in strategic areas easily accessible to those in need. Community homes are places where general practitioners, medical professionals, nurses, midwives, psychologists and volunteer associations work together by joining the health forces to solve health problems in the city. The study of the House of Representatives in March, there are 21 active health homes, which have been introduced in our lands since 2013, by transforming 13 hospitals into structures aimed at providing care Medium long term, after six years of national funding. The law that authorized its experiment for the first time. The out-of-hospital care package reaches patients in the home, in family physicians’ offices or more specifically in health homes – Garbati adds – the latter is the one that plays an important role that would allow hospitals to be entrusted with only acute health care needs, reducing inadequate hospitalizations and transferring less complex services to the region. A survey published by the Emilia-Romagna Health Agency on the impact of healthy homes on the territory in the decade 2009-2019 sheds light on how a health home exists, and there is a 16% decrease in access to ready-made aid for reasons that do not require urgent interventions, the percentage reaches 25.7% When a general practitioner works within it, home care for both nurse and medical patients ramps up to more than 9.5%. Available data also shows a significant decrease of 2.4% in hospitalizations for chronic diseases that can be treated in an outpatient setting such as diabetes, COPD and heart failure; In this way, unnecessary admissions to the hospital are reduced, which, in addition to increasing health care costs, creates inconvenience for patients who are forced today more than ever to stay in a solitary hospital, without family assistance and comfort, with psychological repercussions as well. ”

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Macerata Rinnova tries to look to the future “for good health, through Reducing improper hospitalization, reducing emergency room white codesIncreasing the convenience of prescriptions, removing patients with chronic diseases from the hospital, and working to prevent patients’ complications. All this is for the good of the citizens and the city as a whole, ”Garbati concludes.

Counselor Laviano v Fidesz: “Men put on nail polish? I would have kicked my son out of the house. “

Cicarè launches the “Healthy City”: “Big hospitals are not enough, it is time for health care homes”

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