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Temperature, how long will the hot African eruption with a peak of 35°C last? »

Weather: temperature, how long will a hot African flame with a peak of 35°C last?

Hot African torch up to 35°CE Check On our first real country fire From African heat This causes the thermometers to rise until they touch the tips 35 degrees Celsius.

After repeated failures of high pressure to control the Mediterranean, it now appears that things are changing more decisively. temporary merger betweenHurricane Azores with his close partner North Africa It will pave the way for much longer stable But above all, much more than that hot.
The first alarm bell will be heard during the first part of weekend When temperature They will already take a big step forward by touching tips 32-33°C in many areas Val Badana Based on center. In fact, similar values ​​will be encountered in cities like Ferrara, Bologna, Florence and Rome. Cozy even in the south but with more contained peaks.

Today more hot From the weekend still from Sunday. You will feel the heat always and above all in the same areas but also with close values 34-35°C In the interior ofEmilia Based on Tuscany While it will remain fairly constant elsewhere.

has evolved next week on the thermal front. Monday We will have temporary drop Gods thermometers The north Due to the weak infiltration of cold air from the neighboring Balkans, while in the rest of the country no particular changes will be felt.

The time

between Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 June A more decisive push from the African high pressure will again cause the mercury columns to rise, which will again move towards values ​​well above average. over there greater interference تدخل African high pressure will ensure that hot It will start to feel sharp too a night. In fact, one of the main characteristics of high pressure in North Africa is that it causes a very hot type of heat and the presence of a high level of humidity means that the heat accumulated during the day cannot easily escape into the free zone. while maintaining very high temperatures at night.

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If everything is confirmed, even for everyone next week We will remain in the company of a typical summer context even if over the weekend there is a modest drop in thermometers in the north. At least for a while… but we’ll deal with this along the way.