Thursday, July 25, 2024

Google is afraid of ChatGPT: a search chatbot and other AI products are on the way


It’s been on everyone’s lips for weeks, and it’s clear that the launch of OpenAI’s AI chatbot, ChatGPT, would have raised alarms even within Google, according to reports from Google. The New York Times. The paper claims that Google is planning to tighten the timing and the demonstration version of its search engine with chatbot capabilities this year. Not only that, Google will be ready to unveil more than 20 AI-powered projects.

Until December, we’d only heard veiled concerns from Google executives that despite massive investments in AI technology over the years, launching connected solutions too quickly could damage the company’s reputation. But things seem to be changing quickly.

This morning Google announced that it will lay off more than 12,000 employees And who wants to focus on artificial intelligence as an area of ​​primary importance. No specific release timeline for the Google AI search demo has been mentioned, but other projects are expected to emerge from the slideshow the Times saw during its annual I/O event in May.

The situation is very serious The New York Times reported that Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who remain controlling shareholders of parent company Alphabet, have “advised” business leaders, endorsing the plans and agreeing to Ideas suggested during meetings with executives to talk about ChatGPT rapid response.

Google’s demo search bot is said to prioritize “getting the right answers, ensuring safety, and eliminating misinformation,” hoping to tackle one of the key problems of artificial intelligence, which often answers questions with confidence and clarity, but delivers incorrect information. Information. At the same time, it is also working on ways to speed up audits to examine technology to see if it is operating fairly and ethically.

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The launch of the products mentioned in the report include An image creator capable of creating and modifying themMakerSuite, an application for testing product prototypes, and a suite of tools other companies can use to build AI prototypes from a browser window. The company is also working on a code generation tool called PaLM-Coder 2 that is similar to Microsoft’s GitHub Copilot and another A tool that helps create applications for smartphoneswhose name we already know: it will be named Colab + Android Studio.

In 2021, Google had already shown a non-public demo of a system similar to ChatGPT, but after the launch of its OpenAI solution, alarming warnings about the possible end of Google’s dominance began to flourish on the network, and the company seemed to take them seriously, so much so that it wanted to review the intelligence software. its artificial.


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