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Google ends up in court again: the tech giant faces the risk of a fine of 2.1 billion euros

Google ends up in court again: the tech giant faces the risk of a fine of 2.1 billion euros

New problems facing Google end up in court and it is now facing a huge fine that could cost it a lot.

A complex moment for a company that finds itself not only managing The possibility of imposing a fairly large fine But it's a heavy accusation coming not from one company but from a whole group of publishers who came together and took aim Point the finger at Google's practices that are considered unfair.

Google ends up in court demanding huge damages (

The situation becomes complex and delicate, certainly on a legal level, but also in terms of the vision and credibility of Google itself, at a historical moment in which such mistakes are not allowed and, most importantly, would also undermine all the work being done. In 'it's behind us.

Google ends up in court: there could be a landmark ruling

The American company ended up in a position A lawsuit has been filed by as many as 32 different groups Even far-reaching people who made serious accusations about his actions and then a lawsuit that could lead to a Compensation amounting to $2.3 billion.

Google 2.1 billion euros
More problems for Google (

These are really important numbers that also indicate the extent of what is happening and what could happen in the future, obviously if the big tech companies lose and are therefore required to actually pay the fine.

The company's publishers from various parts of Europe filed this lawsuit as defendants Google because they created a non-competitive systemWhich leads to increasingly lower advertising revenues and increased prices for the services provided to them. The complaint was filed in the Netherlandsand reaches a sensitive historical moment, when the Antitrust Authority investigates the advertising technology used by Google.

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The lawyers representing the group have set out why all this happened and also what the danger is, in their opinion, for the media world in Europe. The request submitted by the defendants aims to obtain a more transparent and fair system for all.

In the group of publishers who sued there are companies coming from all over Europe and even large companies for this reason This issue has great international resonance It could lay the foundations for a historic change in advertising management on the Web. It is clear that only time will provide answers because the reason is in the beginning and we need to understand what future developments will be. In fact, it is not certain that the accusations against Google are unfounded.