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WhatsApp Don’t you want your smartphone gallery to be flooded with media?  Here’s what you need to do

WhatsApp Don’t you want your smartphone gallery to be flooded with media? Here’s what you need to do

WhatsApp media often takes up a lot of space in our device memory but there is a way to avoid that.

WhatsApp is definitely the most used messaging app in the world. Also thanks to the multiple features it allows Continuous and reliable exchange of media like Photos and videos Which, however, ends up being the default Stored in the phone’s memory.

How to prevent WhatsApp media from being stored in your phone? –

It’s actually about A default setting can be very useful, Especially if we are accustomed to taking photos or filming videos directly in the app: we might want to in reality Maintain media We quickly decided to send it to friends and relatives, and if the memory storage is not active, we will not be able to do it automatically.

Unfortunately, this automatic setting floods the memory of the phone or any other device very quickly, forcing us to clean the device memory periodically. To avoid this problem at the source, first of all If we create and send a lot of media daily via WhatsApp, There is a solution, and it’s just one click away.

How to avoid saving WhatsApp media

There are many applications that we use frequently Secondary functions that we often don’t realize. Discovering them and starting to use them appropriately can help us solve this and many other small everyday problems.

We keep many useless pictures on our phones –

Saving WhatsApp media works exactly the same way on both Android and iOS devices. Either way it comes A folder is created automatically in which they come Download all media produced or sent via WhatsApp. Since this folder is created automatically, just as the media is saved automatically, we often do not even realize that the system has performed these operations.

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However, we realize how quickly the phone’s memory can fill up, especially if we send very heavy media such as Very long video or audio files, high-resolution images, etc.

If you have a device Android The path to avoid storing WhatsApp media in memory is the following:

  • Settings => Chat => Disable “Show media in gallery”

If you have device internal control Department, The path to follow to deactivate the setting is as follows:

  • Settings => Chats => Turn off “Save to Camera Roll”

Once you deactivate these settings, WhatsApp media will not be automatically stored in memory, so we will only have two options to store it: or Capture and record media that’s not in the app, then using your phone’s camera, save it to the gallery and send it Or, in the case of media captured and recorded via the app, Save them individually, for later, after you send them.