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Goodbye to gasoline and electricity too, from 2024 we will travel this way: the savings will be enormous.

Goodbye to gasoline and electricity too, from 2024 we will travel this way: the savings will be enormous.

The future of mobility is becoming increasingly uncertain, but something new threatens to put gasoline, but also electricity, in crisis.

The main goal in recent years has been to create a less polluted world, so that we can regain full control over the future of humanity and our planet. It is not at all easy to improve a situation that currently seems desperate, but fortunately a lot of work is being done, especially regarding mobility.

Stopping gasoline and electricity: details (

For some time now, we have been working on improving the range of cars, so that they have the lowest possible impact on the environment, which is why everyone loves electric cars. Not only does it prove that it cares about the needs of the planet, but ongoing improvements mean that there is now the possibility of having a series of high-end models in our hands.

However, the battle on the part of those who do not want to give up and who continue to push for the production of cars with combustion engines is always ongoing. However, this is not a desire to withhold electricity. The demand, more than anything else, is to combine this engine with the development of similar cars Internal combustion engine.

Uniqueness Of electric This technology is increasingly in the balance, especially as many major companies work hard for the future of mobility. Here, huge news has arrived for 2024 that will definitely allow the world of transportation to improve even further, making the world an increasingly less polluted place.

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The first hydrogen train: this is the route it will take in Italy

This is how the first historic hydrogen train in the history of Italy was born and will operate at full capacity between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. It will be a great revolution and its first section will take place in the corridor between Brescia, Iseo and Edolo. Therefore, it is the province of Brescia that will give the green light to this innovation that was born thanks to the hard effort he made Alstom, The French company that produced the first hydrogen train.

Creating the first hydrogen train
Hydrogen train (ANSA – Guide)

The design of this exceptional new train was commissioned directly by Trainord, with the assistance of… Northern Milan Railway. We are facing a historic change that necessitates another step forward in terms of more sustainable mobility that is in line with the great project being implemented between… Altamura and Matera with the first historic battery-powered train.

The company’s president explained how it works Turnord Federica Santini. The latter was interviewed in Wired He explained how for this train to be a huge success, there must be strong hydrogen production near the track. But the train is only a starting point Northern Milan Railway It has already given the green light to build 40 hydrogen buses. Combining hydrogen and electricity would certainly be a huge improvement and would thus create a better world.