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Pending Activities (and Until When)

Pending Activities (and Until When)

After a technical discussion held with the National Council of the Labor Consultants Association, INPS announced and confirmed The period of suspension of activities during the Christmas period. In addition to the news regarding holiday incarceration, clarifications were also provided regarding the new pension scheme for taxpayers.

Let’s see, specifically, all the news.

Christmas Holiday Inps, Notifications and DPA Blocked

As stated in the Information Report on the Technical Schedule in the INPS Central Administration, which included the National Rank of Labor Consultants, starting from From December 19, 2021 to January 09, 2022 inclusiveNotices of correction notes and warnings sent by INPS will be suspended.

During the same period, the institute will also suspend the processing of applications to DurcOnLine, sent through the DPA service, while verifications related to reports that are resolved or all those that have already been carried out by the National Council will continue.

The new INPS retirement staircase: What has changed since January

During the same meeting, CNOCDL and Inps also discussed about New Operations (and Regulation) 2022.

Specifically, INPS announced that Starting January 1, 2022 Only the Taxpayer Pension Drawer will run, emphasizing the importance of using it as quickly as possible. The service, as reported, will be enriched with new functions. In particular, the evidence section will soon also collect those related to the management of agricultural workers and the self-employed.

Finally, the National Institute of Graduate Studies reassured that, through an automatic procedure, it would reformulate those things UniEmens-Cig streams, without having to send it again. And therefore this process will not be suspended from the Christmas holidays, but, on the contrary, in December and with reasonable assurance, all differences that are not liquidated in November will be liquidated.

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New Inps Services, Some Additional Information…

This is not the only news that will affect users INPS since 2022: