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Videos, what a passion, but don’t throw them away: how to reuse them at home

Videos, what a passion, but don’t throw them away: how to reuse them at home

Before DVDs, streaming, and Blu-ray, there were: VHS tapes! If you still have them, don’t throw them away! You can recycle it!

Many young people today probably don’t know what we’re talking about, however VHS (Video Home System) It is an analog format video recording system with magnetic support that was used in the 1990s. They were simply called videotapes, and until the 2000s they were collected in every home. With the advent of technology, multimedia contents have become increasingly intangible. Maybe today those who are a little older and belong to Millennial generation He’ll still have bookcases full of them. But if you no longer have a VCR, you might consider getting rid of everything.

However, there are several ways to avoid throwing away these pieces of history. Firstly We can consider selling it: There are many enthusiasts of antique items like this. In fact, some copies may be rare and have a certain value. For this reason, it’s a good idea to find out online before selling them online, or directly to collectors. Even if our video library is not very popular, it can find fans at flea markets. And not just among film collectors: some films and documentaries can constitute a treasure trove for artists, archivists, directors and cinematographers. or We can think about recycling it.

Creative recycling

Let’s remember that recently the 90s came back into fashion. So let’s not throw away a piece from the 90s, but let’s think about how to reuse it! With videotapes that we no longer use, for example, we can Assemble containers, racks and racks. The form factor and light weight of VHS suits this purpose well. He also created the bravest Fitted shelves, bookcases and walls. The result is playful yet sober, with clean lines in black and white, or they can be customized with paint and enamel. All it takes is an internet search to find plenty of inspiring images, or even comprehensive tutorials.

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There are many ways to reuse old video tapes (

Until the Plastic cases Can be reused in many ways. The most obvious choice is to make them Containers for small parts, or holders for pens and pencils. They can also become Photo holders, jewelry boxes and displays, Maybe by inserting a little foam rubber. But it doesn’t end here! The practice of recycling VHS video tapes from scratch is widespread among DIY enthusiasts Magnetic stickers. You can make strips by pulling and interlocking them Coasters, mats, containers and bags. There are those that are made using plastic spools Decorations, lamps and jewelry. In short, you can create many things, and many small wonders!

In short, thanks to the Internet you can find many sources of inspiration! So, if you have some VHS tapes in the attic, don’t throw them away, recycle them!