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Tiberio Temperi, goodbye forever: the sad announcement of these watches

Tiberio Temperi, goodbye forever: the sad announcement of these watches

Tiberio Tempere – Lendereta 24

Shall we say goodbye to the famous journalist and presenter Tiberio Temperi? The news came unexpectedly

Tiberius Timberi He is a journalist and broadcaster who has appeared on television for many years. From the start at Telemontecarlo to Mediaset Tg, Timmperi He enters the homes of Italians every day, penetrating the screen with his icy eyes.

Then he moved to Al-Rai, where he tried his hand at presenting various shows midday with family, It gives a real turning point in his career. But not only that, he also lent his face to some fantasy and TV series like start again, friends And the magic spell, He writes some books and works on the radio. He is currently at the helm One morning with the family.

In short, a whole career that certainly gave a lot of satisfaction Tempere, It was only overshadowed by the long legal battle for custody of the son Daniel After separating from his ex-wife Ursula Adele Gazzaniga.

Goodbye Tiberio Timperi

But among the pleasures of his life, Tiberio Timperi can boast of beating George Clooney, as he told Fatto Quotidiano some time ago: “More than twenty years ago, Dixan had to choose between him and me. The parent company wanted him. Too bad 70% of European sales took place in Italy and in 1999 I was more popular than him. Then Clooney did it again. On a grand scale.”

It would be for this reason that perhaps, by virtue of his many years in the business, he announced his intention to retire from television. Guest BellaMa’, program Pierluigi Diaco Broadcast on Rai 2, it was unexpectedly announced: It’s time for me to retire And he took me out of the box. In March I made contributions for 40, and if they don’t change the law, you can think a little bit about doing so. Let’s be clear: There is life outside, and there are hobbies.”

Another photo by Tiberio Timperi-Lineadiretta24

passion job

He adds: Then, for heaven’s sake, we do a work that we are passionate about, and so we can say so we do not have You have never struggled in our lives. I’d like to get away from the camera right before the camera is away from me if I can.” This is his wish before retirement.

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And then, as if to protect himself: “We did it without Carrà, Corrado and Mike Bongiorno, so we could do without me…” But, after almost a second thought, he finally let go: “After so many years, I would like to try something different. I am grateful for the opportunity I was given, but I would like to try other things.”