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Who is Giulia Ottorini with at Coachella?

Who is Giulia Ottorini with at Coachella?

Long gone are the days when soap operas talked about their life together. Chiara Ferragni She mocked her husband for his couch-potato nature Fedez He responded by gently accusing his wife of having FOMO. Today, since they confirmed their separation and not “coping with each other” after three difficult years, the story has turned upside down. The influencer chose to remain anonymous by silencing his social profiles, and only appearing in family reunion photos in the posts of his sisters and mother Marina, while The rapper flew to Coachella with a group of friends Between dream villas and parties all night long. And in the California gang too Giulia Ottorini, Emilian content creator, born in 2002.

Fedez spotted at Coachella

The same group was spotted in Courchevel for Easter, then in Miami and finally at Coachella (and “identified” by fans on social media through the intersection of stories and clues 2.0). Fedez after saying goodbye to Chiara Ferragni He has become a convinced trotter, in contrast to his wife who seems to be holed up between Milan and her native city, Cremona, “protected” by the arms of her dearest loved ones. The digital entrepreneur showed herself with her family and old friends, from Chiara Biasi to Veronica Ferraro, in their social networks, while Federico seems to have changed his circle of friends. Mass curiosity about the new crew the 34-year-old is living out the post-breakup period with is inevitable.

Whoopsie published Fedez is pictured in Indio, California for Coachella With a group of friends leaving the shopping mall. Between these, Giulia Ottorinia popular and very popular content creator on Tik Tok And with a very popular profile on OnlyFans. 22 years old, from Emilia, Giulia is well known on the web (she became famous thanks to her ability to… twerking) And also in the world of rap for a relationship that lasted a year and ended in November 2023 with Mambo LoscoAn Italian-American rapper from Vicenza, born in 1991.

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Of Jamaican descent on her father's side, with whom she said she never had a relationship, the 22-year-old ended up in the spotlight last month for alleged tax evasion (alongside Gianluca Vacci and Louis Salle). unknown) after an investigation conducted by the Bologna Financial Police. All the persons mentioned in the investigation proved to be “very cooperative” and returned the evaded funds (as it appeared, the total debt amounted to 11 million euros). “When you have a secret relationship, but he receives you publicly,” Julia posted on TikTok a few hours ago after the song was released Photographers with Fidesz: Admission to an ongoing top-secret courtship or a tactic to ride the wave by inflaming society and the media? If so, the job is done (finished).

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