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Giorgio Chiellini continues to win in the United States as well

Giorgio Chiellini continues to win in the United States as well

A driving force on and off the field. In addition to experience, Giorgio Chiellini He brought with him to the United States the habit of winning championships in a row: the former captain of Juventus and the national team won the Western Conference of the American Football League for the second year in a row, (football League(American Championship) with Los Angeles FC, thanks to its victory over the Houston Dynamo 2-0 in the final match, which earned it the title of Western Conference Champion.


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Chiellini concert with Los Angeles club

Chiellini He was the protagonist during the race but also after it: it was he who led the celebrations by singing the Loudspeaker Along with ecstatic fans. The images that have spread on social media confirm once again how the Italian defender instantly became a point of reference for Los Angeles. Also present in the stands (and rejoicing in the victory) was Magic Johnson, the former Lakers star and one of the team's owners. Which will be challenged on Saturday, December 9th Columbus The crew in the final match will determine the overall champion of Major League Soccer, with the possibility that the Californian club will repeat the title it won last year. After all, you never get used to wins, and for Cielo winning with the club is a fun habit.

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