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The Super Cup also displeases Saudi Arabia: “We wanted Milan and Juventus” | Primabagina

The Super Cup also displeases Saudi Arabia: “We wanted Milan and Juventus” | Primabagina

the Italian Super Cup 2024 The match will officially start today and the Serie A leaders are very much hoping for it The field eliminates differences Over the past few months, and even yesterday, on the eve of this evening's match between Napoli and Fiorentina (the match kicks off at 8pm Italian time at the Awal Park in Riyadh with a live broadcast on Italia 1) it once again echoed in the ears of CEO Luigi De Siervo and the Italian journalists present at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. No, this time they were not those close to Aurelio De Laurentiis, who as soon as he arrived in Riyadh forgot the Italian tantrums by assuming the role of the sheikh, nor those of Maurizio Sarri (expected today at the press conference), but rather the veiled protests of those who, even today, are trying. Selling Italian products to the Arab people.

“We wanted Milan and Juventus.”
– As Repubblica reported, even yesterday, on the eve of the first semi-final, the Saudi people, including journalists and fans in attendance, asked their Italian colleagues Why were two teams like Fiorentina and Lazio sent to Riyadh “instead of Juventus and Milan?” Then it is up to the CEO of the Italian League, Luigi De Siervo, to explain in a press conference that this is the Super Cup format, and then confirm that this evening’s match “between Napoli and Fiorentina will be a beautiful match.”

It deserves more than the Italian Cup – A championship, in any case, does not satisfy almost everyone. Almost, because it's the calculations that will make everyone smile in the end. Whoever wins the cup will receive 8 million euros, the second qualifier will receive 5 million, and even the two defeated semi-finalists will receive 1.5 million euros. The remainder of the income from the €24 million agreement will be shared between La Liga Calcio and all other clubs. Essentially, with only 3 games remaining, this competition will earn Italian clubs more than the entire Coppa Italia. And peace if the Italian fans remain dissatisfied as always (they are not facilitated in away matches and very few are expected in Riyadh). Even in the next few years, even in 2 of the next 6 editions not scheduled in Arabia (this is under contract) the Italian League will continue to export this competition far beyond our borders.

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