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Giant screen, cinematic quality and costs cut in half: say goodbye to the TV and choose this one

Giant screen, cinematic quality and costs cut in half: say goodbye to the TV and choose this one

From today it has become possible to abandon the traditional TV, thanks to a new technology that is much cheaper and high-performance.

I the television It is without a doubt one of the most used devices in history, at the moment it is found almost exclusively in Italy 43 million TV sets. So it comes down to it Very old technologyIts origin dates back to the years 1928-1934, specifically in the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Even more surprising is the fact that the first televisions were actually televisions radio with Built-in TV. In particular, it featured a neon tube and a rotating mechanical disc.

The device that replaces the TV –

Over the decades, technology has clearly produced some of these things Almost science fiction televisionand some are equipped with one Internet connection. One company also invented a new type of television that does not include a traditional screen.

Revolutionary low cost television

There is no doubt that modern smart TVs possess technology unparalleled in history, thanks to which millions of people can interact with their devices. However, some Italians want to replace the traditional TV with a video projector, especially to get it Giant cinema style screen. This idea will also allow you to avoid spending a lot of money on a large TV.

Want a huge screen for little money? Here is the solution –

So what do the experts say? First, before starting Replace the device You have to know them in detail Structures H The environment in which it will be placed the device. In fact, there are many problems that can arise, some of which are related to lighting and room size.

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And not only that: WiresI amount And the size of the wall Which will be highlighted. As for lighting, it is completely different from that produced by traditional television. the last In fact it generates direct lightWhile a video projector simply projects a beam of light onto a wall or canvas.

This means that our eyes notice a reflexInstead of a light wave it is fired directly from the screen. In other words, the user should expect some Various offersBecause these two technologies are completely different.

There is another factor that should not be underestimated Room size: Those who have limited space should choose a large TV. On the contrary, those who have Very large space A can be purchased Projector With almost cinematic palette. In this case, it is necessary to evaluate the distance that will separate the projector from the wall.

For example a screen should be 100 inches Stay 4-5 meters away. According to experts, a high-quality video projector is sure to outperform current smart TVs, especially since it guarantees an almost cinematic experience. However, to achieve such a result you will have to spend Rivers of money.