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Giacomo Urtis, new attack on Miriana Trevisan / "He changed version 100 times"

Giacomo Urtis, new attack on Miriana Trevisan / “He changed version 100 times”

After the attack on Mirjana Trevisan From Biagio Danieliupset after being left on TV a very rightAnother former Givino criticism also comes in. Giacomo Ortis Yesterday she attended the interview with his ex-girlfriend Non è la Rai launched on the afternoon of the Canale 5 broadcast and couldn’t help but comment, albeit between the lines, through his Twitter profile, on the showgirl’s words. Summary: Version has been changed 100 times.the VIP surgeon wrote, without naming Gifina’s ex but limiting himself to the hashtag #gfvip.

However, the timing with which Giacomo Ortis wrote his tweet helped bring his thoughts back to Mirjana’s last words pressed by Silvia Tovanin, yesterday, she explained what would really happen between her and Biagio Daniele, up to the decision to bring it up. He paused to find out about them and for the story that seemed to be about to unfold.

Giacomo Urtis and the punch against Miriana Trevisan

that of Giacomo Ortis It wouldn’t be the first intended attack Mirjana Trevisan Since then, he’s always commented via Twitter in a particularly critical way on the showgirl’s stance: “See you tomorrow? Call my agent. My next mood”commented, mocking the version of Miriana that was produced during the previous episode of Big brother VIP.

Later, Giacomo Ortes revealed that he knew a secret, but added, “I will say in time”. What will you refer to? Apparently, accounts of what happened between Biagio Danieli And Miriana Trevisan would be so contradictory to send even sociable people into a state of confusion, which might extend to Urtis’s side. According to former Vippone, the showgirl had once again lied even in the context of Verissimo, to the point of speaking of the advanced 100th edition. But what exactly was he going to lie about?

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