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High tension with the leaders of Mediaset.  "Exiting the choir isn't right? Shut it down" - Libero Quotidiano

High tension with the leaders of Mediaset. “Exiting the choir isn’t right? Shut it down” – Libero Quotidiano

Bad air in Mediaset for positions Philo no fax from Mario Giordano. In fact, it is rumored that in the past there were modern high voltage with connector outside the core. Reports the weather In the background that is inside the room, The administration summoned Giordano. Despite the excellent results the journalist gets through his talk show, he seems to be blamed for an extremely “condescending” attitude toward No Fax.

“Close the program for me if I don’t suit you. I’m not a fax, I’m just asking myself a few questions, “Giordano would have thundered.” We support vaccinations. Point. This is the only message that needs to be spread,” the company replied firmly. According to those present, screams could be heard even on the ground floor of the building…

He talked about it recently in an interview with the paper Mediaset head Fedele Confalonieri: “Giordano has to play caz***e every now and then, but he’s so good. And to make the audience, the host of talks has to keep going.” The president has defended his talk shows with the sword, in which faxes can’t speak as much as scientists do: “The talk show has to make a mess, otherwise who’s watching it? Politics is those things now.” Also because, as the head of Mediaset says, “I’d like to see you run a three-hour talk show…”.