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Getting plenty of sleep after lunch can be a symptom of illness

Getting plenty of sleep after lunch can be a symptom of illness

If you are used to sleeping a lot, this article may interest you. It may be a symptom of a major disease, here’s the study

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Over time, we can face the emergence of many diseases or physical ailments. us too the bodyIn fact, he should be protected on the basis of the passage of years and the experiences he had.

As our body and habits change, in fact, new enemies of our body’s defenses appear. If, in fact, you have this habit dI sleep a lot This article may interest you. It can be a synonym for major disease. Here is the study.

Getting plenty of sleep after lunch can be a symptom of a serious illness

After the age of 50, some may appear Sleep disorders. It could already be It’s getting harder to sleep Thus, you do not suffer from insomnia. In fact, there are those who may feel very tired and drowsy, almost always, due to persistent sleep disturbances.

Little sleep at night, in fact, leads to one Persistent fatigue and drowsiness. This can, therefore, lead to the search for naps during the day. Here, then, why sleeping too much after lunch may be a symptom of infection Illness Importance.

So it can be too much sleep after lunch sign of illness of problems to our body. according to one studyconducted byXi’an Hubei University (In China), there may be a link between excessive sleepiness and risk of it brain attack After the age of sixty.

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Scientists have investigated the existence of a red thread Among the constant drowsiness, naps during the day (especially in the afternoon immediately after lunch) elstroke onset. Great search included a sample consisting of more than 31000 Patients with an average age 61.7 years.

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according to data obtained by the researchers, those who sleep a lot during the day will get a high risk To go against an ischemic event. Plus a night’s sleep nine hours It will be a trigger for the risk of stroke, compared to a night’s sleep eight hours.

But that’s not all: who used to do afternoon napaverage sleep 90 minutesThey may have a higher chance of having a stroke compared to those who sleep for up to half an hour during the day. In the end, research has shed light on how high the risk of stroke is 56%. Therefore, persistent drowsiness can be a symptom that should not be underestimated, and the advice is to consult a doctor.