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How many squares are there in all?

How many squares are there in all?

Welcome back to your regular Sunday rendezvous with Instanews puzzles! The puzzle today has to do with geometry, but not only that. It involves counting shapes, in this case squares, but you’ll have to do it following a certain strict logic. So, are you ready for the challenge?

Brain training with games like this improves the ability to respond. In fact, by solving a brain teaser Like this, it is as if we make our minds do physical activity every day, which increases our capabilities. Between one activity and another, today we can’t leave this trap with Boxes. Share, you’ll see that once you figure out the solution, you won’t believe your eyes!


Are we ready for the challenge? Let’s say in this case a solution brain teaser It is not impossible, but it is true that you see all these things Boxes, go crazy! The number of geometric elements in the above figure is quite large. This is not a low value.

You can read the answer by scrolling through the article, but if you do it without showing yourself, I will win it. So, I’ll give you some of it straight to meet the challenge.

Looking at the picture may give you some extra help understanding the total number. Obviously, you will have to count, but also to practice your cunning and observational skills. It doesn’t require geniuses, just united ones who don’t let themselves down.

So, did you do it yourself or should I give you the answer? Browse the article!

Geometric puzzle: How many squares are there!

As if this were not enough, on our site you will find a huge amount of puzzles And fun games. Why not try the math puzzle for geniuses? Here, you will have to find a solution to a puzzle related to numbers, calculations and values, but not only. In most experiences, it is important to practice all the skills you have! So, I managed to solve one of Boxes? Here’s the answer!

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square puzzle solving

To replace puzzles Daily, improve your work times and feedback. Who would have thought that to increase problem-solving skills in the workplace, it would be enough to practice a little brain teaser very light? You must face challenges!

You won’t believe your eyes, but in a small image like the one shown in this article, there are not only 10, 20, 39 squares…but there are a lot more! This is correct The correct answer is 40. Do you understand where they are?

To understand how to place them, you just need to carefully follow the drawing. For those who have studied it, just remember how it teaches Gestalt school Who studies shapes, who has a memory for the drawings in question!

So it is necessary to trace all the lines to determine their number Boxes there. The difficulty lies precisely in maintaining focus, knowing that in one form there are other forms that contain it, and so on!

So, did you do it yourself, or did you have to peek in there reply At the end of the article? I’ll give you Revenge of the whale puzzle, Try it! Keep training your brain, see you on the next puzzle.